Avoiding Hyper-Calvinism

Good doctrine presents man with a will that is not forced by God. In any given situation, he is always free to choose the available option he most desires. He can and does follow his heart.

Good doctrine presents man with a heart horribly affected by sin. From birth, his heart is warped. As he follows his depraved heart, he wickedly chooses wickedness.

Good doctrine presents God with a will that is sovereignly affective. Man has “free will” (as described above), and so too does God. The Almighty is omnipotent in his ability to influence the choices of men. This is a glorious truth for those who understand how they are enslaved to sin.

Good doctrine presents both “divine sovereignty” and “human responsibility.” Contrarily, it is faulty Arminianism that denies God’s free sovereignty, and it is faulty Hyper-Calvinism that denies man’s responsibility.

Therefore, as biblical brothers and sisters who make much of God’s sovereign will, decree, choice, and providence, let us not fall into the error of Hyper-Calvinism. Instead, while recognizing and rejoicing in the sovereign attributes of God, let us responsibly worship him through our …

  • Perpetual Praying
  • Relentless Evangelizing
  • Industrious Working
  • Setting of Vision and Strategies
  • Wise Running from Temptaion
  • Bold Standing in the Midst of Temptation
  • Practicing Righteousness
  • Showing Love
  • Joyful Repentance

Yes, in the words of scripture, let us work, labor, feed, put on, put off, fight, and kill. Let us abide, walk, and keep step with the Spirit. Let’s sow that we might reap. Let’s make ready the horse for battle knowing victory comes from the Lord.

Never, let us take responsibility for our successes. It is not honorable or Christlike to think of ourselves more highly than we ought — to be proud.

And never, let us shirk our responsibility. It is not honorable or Christlike to be passive.

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