Adam and Eve were tempted, deceived, and seduced by Satan. Tragically, they doubted God’s love, disbelieved his words, sinfully coveted, and engaged in rebellion. They lusted and ate of the forbidden fruit, and in doing so they broke the royal law of love. They also broke the Covenant of Works, and in doing so allied themselves with Satan. It was then that they reaped horrible consequences promised by their Creator.

I. Spiritual Curse

Adam and Eve spiritually died. They became corrupt in all their thoughts, affections, words, and actions. They willed what they desired, and all their desires were perverted or warped. Joy and peace were replaced with sorrow, shame, and fear. Consequently, they hid from God – the one with whom they had delightfully walked. They still possessed the image of God, but every aspect of their lives was blurred and marred. There was no part of their being unaffected by sin. They were totally depraved.

II. Physical Curse

As promised, their bodies became subject to disease, disability, deterioration, and death. Women were destined to experience great pain in childbirth.

III. Relational Curse

It did not take long for Adam and Eve’s internal corruption to leak. Adam, Eve, and all their descendants proved their depravity by their self-love and brother-hatred. They lacked love for God. They lacked love for their neighbors. They were consumed with self-love, and they were dangerous.

IV. Generational Curse

Adam and Eve had been called to reproduce worshiping disciples. However, from this point forward, all they could do was produce deprave disciples of the devil. All their natural children suffered original sin and were born dead in their trespasses and sins.

V. Environmental Curse

From that point forth, the earth became their enemy. Thorns and thistles represented their new world order. For the rest of their days, they would labor within a deteriorating and dangerous environment.

VI. Eternal Curse

Satan and his demons were excommunicated from God’s heavenly abode. Adam and Eve were excommunicated from God’s Garden. And in similar manner, they and all their descendants were hellions born on a trajectory towards hell.