God is our King. He is the only Supreme Lord of all the earth.

For his own glory and his people’s good, he chooses to ordain all human governors and governments.

They governors exist to glorify God and love their fellow man. They are granted power to encourage goodness, minimize wickedness, and protect God’s image-bearers.

Civil governments are to have no authority over the church. Christ gives magisterial authority to elders and not politicians.

Civil governments are to use their power to protect the church.

Christians should be model citizens. They should honor their Divine King by honoring, praying for, and supporting his appointed kings. However, when in conflict, Christians ought always maintain allegiance to God over obedience to any earthly leader.

God encourages Christians to serve as leaders in the civil realm.

In all political thought and practice, it is best to remember that Christ’s kingdom is not ultimately of this world.