Save Yourself?

Can a good Calvinist encourage someone to “choose Jesus?”  Yes, I know the Bible teaches that men are so horribly deprave that they will not — even cannot — call upon Christ on their own. No one seeks God. No one naturally and independently chooses him.  I also know that God’s Word speaks of God’s … More Save Yourself?

Limited Atonement and Unlimited Announcement

We believe God knows absolutely everything. There is nothing he does not see coming. He is omniscient. We believe God foreordains absolutely everything. He has a plan. We believe God providentially guides everything. He is omnipresent and omnipotent, and he is performing his plan. A bird cannot fall from the sky, and a hair cannot fall … More Limited Atonement and Unlimited Announcement

No Fatalism Here

Paul was a son of Abraham who understood that God showed a measure of grace to Ishmael but much more grace to Esau. In addition, Paul was a child of Jacob. From the sacred tradition, he realized the grace shown to Esau was much less than that shown to Jacob. And as an Israelite, Paul knew what it meant … More No Fatalism Here