Rebellious and Royal

God, in sacred scripture, has called us to numerous roles — slave, servant, disciple, friend, brother, and bride. Perhaps the most prominent, according to Dr. Ed Welch, is that of offspring, priest, and royalty.

Offspring: God, showing mercy to us, is one thing. He could have saved us, made us his slaves, and that would have been far better than anything we deserved. However, he was not pleased with such a menial level of relationship. He remade us in his image, then he adopted us. This is a whole new level of grace. This is radical! Who are we to be his sons and daughters and wear his family name?

Priest: God, calling us to represent him as a missionaries and mediators to our neighbors, this is another privilege we do not deserve. This is a high and holy calling. Yet, he calls us his priests. He calls us his saints. This is only true because he declares it to be so. What sort of grace is this?

Royalty: That we should be his servant leaders and regal stewards, who would have imagined such a transition from “devilish wretch” to “divine royalty.” But this is our graciously granted position. This is far beyond anything we deserve. What a God!

Like me, are you freshly dumbstruck as to why God would grant us the privilege of representing him in such ways? But Christian friends, this is revelation, this is truth, this is grace.

Wow! What an opportunity!

Wow! What a grand responsibility!

Wow! What a Gospel!

Let’s go!

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