Holding On to Liberty

Unthinkable! Can you imagine children — learning of their national forefathers and their fight for freedom — spurning the sacrifice and giving away the liberty purchased by sweat and blood? Unthinkable! Can you imagine next-generation of African Americans — learning the horrors of their parents and experiencing the liberty that is their birthright from God … More Holding On to Liberty

Divine Sovereignty, Human Responsibility, and Inclusive Evangelism

How do we rightly understand the sovereignty of God alongside the responsibility of man? How do we deal with the theological tension between the freely decretive will of God and the freely depraved will of man? Yes, great have been the conversations of our deceased Calvinistic and Arminian fathers. Great remain the arguments between the … More Divine Sovereignty, Human Responsibility, and Inclusive Evangelism

Time Has Not Run Out

In the days of Noah, the Lord saw the condition of mankind. All were thoroughly corrupt in their desires, thoughts, words, and deeds. All men and women were totally depraved. They were like their father — the devil. Toward them, God looked with regret and anger. He pronounced his holy judgment. These violent men and … More Time Has Not Run Out