Jesus: The Ultimate Warrior

The story of David and Goliath is one of the most well known stories in ancient Scripture.

From this historical story, some preach a sermon on the topic of blasphemy. Day after day, twice a day, Goliath toyed with and taunted the Lord and his people. Ultimately one sees that he who stands and defiantly mocks the Lord will certainly be destroyed. God is not to be mocked.

Also from the story of David and Goliath, some preach a sermon regarding human inadequacy. Regardless of how tall, handsome, strong and successful a human king might be (ie. Saul), no one can achieve victory without the aid of God. The battle does not go to the strong, swift, wise or stately, but to the one who allies himself with the Lord of Hosts.

Most, from this historical account, preach a sermon regarding faith. David’s brothers, countrymen and king are all cowards before the evil giant. They do not trust in the Lord’s word, power, and character. However, David is the exception. He is the faithful man who trusts God, and because he steps out and exercises his faith, the giant falls and victory is secured.

A few, from this text, preach a sermon regarding worship, evangelism, and the work of the church. Just as David does not trust in the armor and weaponry of Saul, but instead trusts in the good and faithful equipment that has served him well against lion and bear thus far, so ministers and Christians should trust the simple means of grace to accomplish their objectives. Through the Word of God, prayer, and corporate worship around the God-ordained sacraments, God loves to give spiritual victory to his church.

Then sadly, from the tale of David and Goliath, one man preaches a sermon regarding Calvinism. Ok, I cannot seem to locate the sermon at the present time, but somewhere I remember hearing a sermon where the minister equated the five smooth stones with the five points of Calvin. Although I am decidedly Reformed, I wince in embarrassment over the thought of such a sermon.

However, from this historical story, one should find his heart and mind focused foremost on Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus, like David, is born in Bethlehem.
  • Jesus, like David, is from the tribe of Judah.
  • Jesus, like David, is overlooked; nothing is visibly striking about him.
  • Jesus, like David, is anointed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus, like David, is a worshiper who adores his Heavenly Father.
  • Jesus, like David, is a shepherd who loves his sheep.
  • Jesus, like David, is a prophet.
  • Jesus, like David, is a king.
  • Jesus, like David, is an animal-killer; David killed the lion and the bear; Jesus destroys the roaring lion and wicked serpent.
  • Jesus, like David, is the sole warrior, sent by his father, disbelieved by his brothers, who stands valiantly against the great enemy of God and God’s people.
  • Jesus, like David, is the giant-slayer who triumphantly leads his people in victory.

Therefore, we should read this story and fear Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate warrior who grants grace to those who bow the knee and kiss him. He is also the one who spiritually decapitates all who mock, taunt and blaspheme him. We should repent and submit at his feet right now.

We should also read this story and supplicate. We should ask God for more of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Faith is a gift from God. Faithfulness is a fruit from God. David was faithful. Jesus was faithful, and we ought to strive to be faithful like our Savior and Model Jesus Christ. May God grant us greater boldness to walk in obedience to the directives of our Lord. Let us plead for increased faith.

We should also read and recommit to utilize the ordinary means of grace. Look at Scripture, and look at history; lives are changed through preaching, teaching, reading, praying, singing, and corporately worshiping around the sacraments. The armor of God is simple and effective. There is little need for novelty. May the church become exclusively proficient in using God’s simple and powerful instruments of war.

We should also read this story and praise Jesus Christ for his adequacy. While the world is filled with fathers, husbands, elders and governors who are somewhat impotent; and while we are suffering under the oppression of the evil one; Jesus Christ is entirely successful in coming to our aid. He is the suffering victor who spoke the truth when he screamed, “It is finished!”

We should also be on the move. In honor of his victory over sin, death, the grave, and Satan, let us honor him by following his lead and expanding the glorious kingdom of Christ.



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