Faithfulness, Faithlessness, and Faith-Based Folly

In Numbers 13, God communicated to Moses and the Israelites. They were to send spies into Canaan to survey the land and ascertain the best means by which they could conquer and lay hold of their divine inheritance. Moses obeyed, and off the spies went. Upon their return, all agreed the Promised Land flowed with … More Faithfulness, Faithlessness, and Faith-Based Folly

The Eclectic Elect

In Matthew 2, magi from the East show themselves greatly graced by God. They have received … General revelation by means of God’s creation. (Psalm 19 – The heavens and earth declare God’s glory.) General revelation by means of their God-given consciences. (Romans 2 – God had written on their hearts.) Special revelation by means … More The Eclectic Elect

When Boasting is Good

This week, I am meditating on Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonian church. I believe this is most appropriate in light of our current 2020 struggles, for in this letter, Paul writes to Christians wrestling with questions like: What about all the wars, natural disasters, and viruses? What about all sin, strife, violence, injustice, and … More When Boasting is Good