Thinking Biblically in a Day of Depravity

How is your attitude towards the changing state of our nation? What do you think as you witness the chaotic condition of our beloved country? Today, I might suggest three thoughts:

1. Let us not conclude this is the apocalypse.

photo-1561439870-b1aa70689e97Friends, none of this is new. This is the same old devilish depravity of Lucifer, Adam, and Eve, and it is showing its ugly head one more time. What has happened in the beginning, and has been happening ever since, is happening today, and will happen again. America may be getting worse, but the world is not. Ever since the beginning, across the globe and throughout cultures, sin has plagued humanity. In Romans 1:18-32, Paul described the universal condition. Men …

  • Know the true God because he has revealed himself.
  • Know a good portion of God’s ethic.
  • Discount the true God.
  • Are ungodly.
  • Are unrighteous.
  • Are faithless
  • Hate God
  • Replace the true God with false gods who can never save, guide, or satisfy.
  • Have minds and heart that are warped; they become foolish.
  • Sin sexually and unnaturally.
  • Invent ways to practice evil.
  • Are characterized by by lust, envy, covetousness, haughtiness, and boasting.
  • Are insolent and disobedient.
  • Are heartless and ruthless; they are filled with malice, anger, strife, and murder.
  • Are deceitful and dishonest.
  • Gossip and slander.
  • Affirm teachers who encourage such evil passions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

Friends, if we are honest, doesn’t this list describe our fleshly nature? How often do we discount the wisdom of God and do that which seems better in our own eyes? Though we have new desires and long to be holy, don’t we continue to dishonor God and harm our neighbors through sinful thoughts, words, and deeds. Sadly, sexual lusts and deceitfulness show themselves too often. Sadly, we are prone to be arrogant and rebellious towards those in authority. And if we have to be honest, isn’t it true that as we get older we seem to “invent” new ways of doing evil.

Therefore brothers and sisters, this may be the “end of the world as we know it,” but not necessarily. It has always been bad in Eden, Sodom, Gomorrah, Egypt, Jericho, Jerusalem Nineveh, Babylon, Athens, and Rome. It continues to go bad in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, and Greenville. God has removed a portion of his common grace whereby he restricts the depravity of men and women, and now we are seeing the plight of humanity more clearly.

2.  Let us not conclude this is the predetermined end.

God is the Lord who is sovereign over all. He is the King of the Universe who watches birds, counts falling hairs, and knows every word before it is spoken. He curses with Coronavirus and heals with antibodies. He exalts leaders and demotes nations. Kings make their plans, but he directs their steps. God makes rich; God makes poor. God makes straight; God makes crooked. Every lot or die falls according to his providential plan.  It is true, “He’s got the whole world in his hands,” and he does with nations and men that which he deems best.

And what is God doing? Friends, please be aware of people who are cock-sure in stating God’s hidden and mysterious will. The truth is — nobody can read the mind of God.

So, perhaps America is heading in the direction of the Mayan or Roman empires? Maybe the American Experiment that has blessed the world is coming to an end?

Or maybe he is further gracing the United States of America? Perhaps he is revealing our idols and showing us our need. Oh friends, wouldn’t it be wonderful if revival is around the corner? He did so with Israel under Ezra and Nehemiah. He did so with Nineveh and Babylon. In the Middle Ages, in Europe, “out of the darkness came light” as the Reformation spread like wildfire across the continent.

“America, America, God shed his GRACE on thee.” Could it be?

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Could it be?

Oh godly and patriotic friends, you who love your country, would you spend more time on your knees, with your brothers, repenting and supplicating? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God could be setting us up for another century where we might be a shining light and a missionary force to the nations?


3.  Let us not whine but work.

Yes, it has been a wild 2020 and it keeps getting wackier. It has been hard to deal with:

  • International unrest
  • Governmental scandals
  • Political polarity
  • Natural disasters
  • Physical pandemics
  • Financial recession
  • Killer Hornets
  • Cultural anarchy

Yes, it is natural and normal to fret and fall to pieces. However, this is not supernatural and godly. This is not what Christ would have us do. 2020 is not some accursed year. God has not fallen asleep. He is not disinterested, and he is not on vacation. No, God is perfectly working out all things in accordance with his good will, and he calls us to trust in him and be about our Father’s business.

So, in this season of increased chaos, confusion, violence, and need …

As our neighbors find themselves looking here, there, and everywhere for hope, leadership, safety, joy, and satisfaction …

And as they foolishly put their confidence in impotent legislators and executives …

photo-1478872198468-efc263df6a43Let us be good neighbors pointing them to the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh Christian friends, let’s reach out, listen well, love, and evangelize like never before.

Let’s make more of Jesus Christ than Donald Trump or whoever you might like to replace him.

Let’s make more of the Kingdom of God than the Kingdom of the United States.

The fields are “white unto harvest.” It is time to make disciples and see Christ build his church. It’s time to set our minds on things above and people who will last forever, as opposed to that which is temporary and fleeting. It is a glorious day to be a missionary for the Master. It is a glorious day to be an American Christian. Let’s go to work!



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