Praying … but not really

We do not pray with consistent passion because we really do not believe our prayers are powerful and effective. This is true even for those of us who are professional clergymen.

Too often, we are like Zacharias, the professional priest in Luke 1. He was a man of prayer who regularly prayed for a child. However, when God sent an angel to let him know his prayer would be answered, he proved he did not believe in the power of God shown through answered prayer.

He prayed … but not really.

I believe it was for this reason that Zacharias was made silent until the birth of his son. God was teaching Zacharias, and all who read his story, the importance of believing that prayer is powerful and effective.

God does not have to use prayer, but He delights in doing so. Let’s talk with him much today. Let’s also be confident that He hears and will respond in the best possible manner.