Weakness, Meekness, and Sweetness

All who are honest recognize their weakness. Like the Apostle Paul, they freely recognize the inconsistencies between their new saintly condition and their persistently sinful thoughts and deeds. They experientially understand the words of Jesus, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is week.”

Many are worn out by this struggle. It is almost unthinkable for them at this stage of life to still be so spiritually weak. They had thought better of themselves. They had higher expectations of their advancement in goodness. In their own minds, they should have grown far beyond such struggles by now. Therefore, in response, they are tempted to soothe themselves by lessening God’s law, comparing themselves to others, and inflating their own righteousness. Or they merely give up and resign themselves to wallowing about in spiritual depression.

However, some others have learned how to thrive in their weak condition. They have learned to glory in their weakness. This is because …

  • They daily confess their weakness.
  • They daily grow in meekness.
  • They daily grow in Gospel fascination.
  • They daily experience sweetness (fresh grace) through prayerful communion.

Therefore friend, why does God not grant us escape from the world, the flesh, and the devil — yet? He could. He will one day. Why does he foreordain our perpetual spiritual struggle?

He does so that we might perpetually be driven to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He does so that we might perpetually be driven into the prayer closet of the Holy Spirit.

He does so that we might be sweetened by his fresh and amazing grace.