Something Far Greater Than White Privilege

The Lord has had his eye upon you from the beginning. Before the world was created, he placed his affection upon you and wrote your name in his sacred book. Yes, from the foundation of the world, as Adam experientially “knew” Eve, so God experientially “knew” you as his spouse. This was before you came to be. This was before you had done anything good or evil. He foreknew you. He foreloved you. He predestined you. Your name was written on his heart, and he covenanted to shower his Gospel affection upon you, regardless of how you would choose to respond. You are privileged.

Knowing how you would be entirely unchaste and unholy; fully seeing how you would continually break his laws, dishonor his glory, and harm your neighbors; and recognizing the eternal condemnation deserved by you — a satanically-inspired sinner – the Son of God came to earth to earn 100% of the commendation of God for you, and receive 100% of the condemnation you earned. Before you were born, Jesus accrued all the merit you would ever need. Before you were born, you were doubly-blessed. The Father chose you. The Son lived and died for you. Your righteousness account was set from the beginning. You were born with a silver spoon in your future. You are privileged.

After you were born, God began to call you. Like everyone, he called you through nature and conscience. You were even extra-graced as you received more truth by means of God’s Word. However, like everyone, you suppressed and refused his very clear revelation. But God was relentless in his affection for you — after all, he had already foreknown, predestined, earned righteousness, and atoned for your sin. Therefore, God kept coming after you by means of his Holy Spirit. Sovereignly, slowly, and successfully he drew your heart toward his, and you found yourself changing. You, who were dead and had neither faith nor a desire to repent, found yourself having a new disposition toward him. You heard his call differently. You began to want what he was offering. You believed his truth. You called upon his name, started repenting, and professed him before men. This is what you did, but this is what you did because of what he did. Friends, isn’t this fantastic? Isn’t it amazing how God’s grace takes dead and depraved people who resist him and irresistibly transforms them into God-seeking and God-submitting disciples? He does not do this for everyone, but he did it for you. Oh friends, rejoice! You are privileged.

Jesus has united himself to you permanently. He is in you, you are in him, and with this comes the filling of the Holy Spirit. God’s tabernacle was great, but it was destroyed. God’s temple was grand, but it is no longer. Now, you are the sacred space of God. In you he dwells, and he will never leave you. Forever, you are attached to Jesus and made part of the Trinitarian family. You have fellowship with God. You are privileged.

With the promise of salvation comes the promise of sanctification. He who began a good work in you will complete it. His Spirit is constantly fruiting you from within. Daily, you are becoming increasingly transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are like branches attached to the vine of Jesus; his nourishment results in your glorious blooming. He is the husband that washes and keeps you looking radiant in the Father’s eyes. Christ is the architect, builder, and cornerstone who is putting believers together as his church that cannot fail. How fantastic it is to be a saint, and it is wonderful to know that he matures you, from the inside out, that you might better glorify and enjoy him. He is your maker and molder. You are privileged.

And oh, how special glorification will be, when your fight with the devil, the world, and our old-man is complete. For you to live is to worship Christ, and for you to die, well, that is gain. One day soon, faith will be replace with sight as the unseen is seen. You will see Jesus face to face. You will bask with the saints around the glorious throne of God. Paradise will be found, and the eternal party will kick it up a notch. No more spiritual warfare. No more pain. No more persecution. No more sin. No more grief. New bodies. A new earth. New houses. Marital communion enjoyed by all fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters.

Friends, much conversation is had today regarding white-privilege, male-privilege, or American-privilege. Well, how about divine-privilege? There is no need to deny this. You have this. You were born into this. You do not deserve it, and you cannot walk away from this. Do not be arrogant, but do not deny his radical affection and your special status. Great is the grace of God. Great is your privilege, and great should be your responsive worship and love towards those who have not received equal grace.





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