Spy Wednesday

In regard to Holy Week, Scripture is largely silent regarding the events of Wednesday. However, many have reasoned Wednesday to be the day when Judas Iscariot negotiated 30 pieces of silver for the soon-coming betrayal of Jesus. It is for this reason they have labeled the day, “Spy Wednesday.” Friends, this is not the best … More Spy Wednesday

The Humble Dancer

Consider the Haughty Worshiper The haughty worshiper considers himself a self-made man. He reviews his track-record and likes what he sees. He is proud of himself for taking advantage of opportunities, setting higher goals, choosing the narrow road, having a great work ethic, making something of himself, and being exceptional. In reviewing himself, he is not … More The Humble Dancer

The Eclectic Elect

In Matthew 2, magi from the East show themselves greatly graced by God. They have received … General revelation by means of God’s creation. (Psalm 19 – The heavens and earth declare God’s glory.) General revelation by means of their God-given consciences. (Romans 2 – God had written on their hearts.) Special revelation by means … More The Eclectic Elect