Mr. Trump, Secretary Clinton, and Jesus Christ

I do not know who won the debate. Last night, Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton had moments where they displayed presidential compentency. They also had moments where they flipped, flopped, and looked quite pathetic. It was too much like a middle school slander fest.

I do not know who will be the next leader of the free world. Election predictions change as I turn back and forth between CNN to Fox. Even in my own personal circle, I have knowledgable friends who are telling me it is all over for the Republican cause. I also have other friends who tell me it will not even be close; they are predicting a conservative landslide in favor of Mr. Trump when election day rolls around.

I do not know which “evangelical” personality I like least. I am offended by both persons standing before me. Trump and Clinton have horrible ethical track-records. They both communicate in a most distasteful manner. She is noted for her lying. He is now famous for his lusting. Both are an embarrassment to Jesus Christ and his church; I wouldn’t want either of them mentoring my children. They both proclaim to be “evangelical Christians,” and they are both horribly representing Christ and his church. Trump and Clinton have both proven to be power-hungry, deceptive, perverted, and arrogant.

I do not know why God has not given me a viable third choice. Personally, I would rather vote for someone else. And since I am one who is much more conservative in my political views, I would like to support one who abhors judicial activism, strengthens our armed forces, upgrades our national security, defends our borders, trims our government, balances our budget, honors the life of all our mothers and children, upholds the law and prosecutes the wicked, protects our personal liberties, and looks more like Jesus Christ. Yes, I know I am not voting for a pastor, but I would love it if my next president could have Christlike character and demeanor.

I do not know what the future of my country will be. I do not know if national revival and reformation will ever be witnessed. I do not know how far America will digress and how fast we will get there.

But this I know …

I know I will vote. I plan on exercising my right and voting against the one who promises the greatest evil. Yes, I am aware I could vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all and “make a statement.” However I feel led to use my vote to lessen folly and slow the decline of evil. I plan on using my vote to defend my country and my grandchildren against unwise and ungodly legislation and policy. Therefore, I will vote against the greatest evil, but trust me, I will do so holding my nose and with an uneasy feeling in my gut.

I know I should not whine. America’s next president has been predetermined and will be providentially placed by the sovereign God. He is the one who places all executives in their places of authority. Obama, Kim Jong-un, Clinton, and Trump are all pawns in the hands of the King of Kings. We will all know the will of God on Tuesday, November 8.

I know I should not fear. America is one nation under God. Technically, all nations are under God’s right hand. He is the one who exalts and demotes. Israel is God’s nation. North Korea is God’s nation, and so too is the United States of America.

I know I will worship.  I will continue to preach Law and Grace and encourage people to leave the Kingdom of Satan and join the Kingdom of the Son. I will focus less on temporal kingdoms and more on the Kingdom of God known as his church. And I will wait. Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, but God, his Word, and his Church abide forever. And this also I know, it will be better in the future. Maybe not for my country. Maybe not for my neighbors. But for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and we will enjoy the Kingdom of the Son forever and ever.




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