Sitting on the Bench

At this point in Israel’s history, God has announced Moses’ forced retirement. Consequently, Moses has been busy setting things in order for the transition of power. He has also been instrumental in making plans regarding Israel’s long-awaited but soon-coming advancement into the Promised Land.¬†However, as the day of march approaches, certain leaders from Gad and … More Sitting on the Bench

Why do you pray for God’s increased blessing?

Why do you want more than what you have? Why do you pray for God’s increased abundance in your life? What will you actually do if the “One who makes men rich” showers additional blessings upon you? Perhaps the best question is, what are you already doing with that which you’ve already received? Friends, listen’t … More Why do you pray for God’s increased blessing?

Why do you give?

God blessed Abraham. He came to him, called him from his idolatrous family, and sent him packing toward the Land of Promise. To him, real-estate and descendants were promised in abundance. He would walk with God and be spiritually blessed, and in response he would become a blessing to others — to the entire earth. … More Why do you give?