What if Earthly Politics were a Heavenly Matter?

Someone has said there are three things one does not speak of in polite company:

  • Religion
  • Money
  • Politics

Well, today I have already preached a biblical sermon. In addition I have led in the collection of two offerings. Therefore, I suppose I might as well strive for the perfectly impolite trifecta and talk of politics.

I wonder, “Does it make it worse if I do so on the Lord’s Day?”

To that question, some might not be laughing. I understand. There was a day when I thought commenting on politics was beneath a minister of the Gospel, and especially on the Lord’s Day. The pastor was to be focused on unseen spiritual things — matters of the head, heart, or heaven.

However, after a season of much reading, listening to many sermons and podcasts, studying God’s Word, conversing with friends, and a reasonable time of meditation and prayer, my thoughts on the matter have changed. I am now convinced earthly politics is a heavenly matter. God cares deeply about such things. He has written his Word to address such things. And who better to apply God’s Word to modern culture than the studious minister of God’s Word.

So, what sort of thinking has led to my change in posture and practice?

1. Jesus is King

He currently sits on the throne where he actively rules the nations. His right is unquestioned; his knowledge is unequaled; his power is untouchable; and his term has no limits. Sure, he has some rivals, but he has no equals.

2. Jesus’ Party is His Church

He created this institution. For her he lived and died. She is the apple of his eye, and he has promised to see her growth and dominance. Long after the demise of the Republican and Democratic parties, Jesus’ church will still be standing strong.

3. Jesus’ Platform is His Word

He is the ultimate communicator, and if one desires to know where he stands on worship, life, marriage, sexuality, murder, thievery, abuse, slander, and a host of other moral issues, one must only read his inspired text.

4. Jesus’ Interests are Heavenly and Earthly

How do we know this? Simply put, we read his Word. Before he came to earth, he was very interested in the government of his people. While on earth, he taught his disciples to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” He then travelled about concerning himself with things tangible and spiritual. While in heaven, he exercises his sovereignty over both the unseen-spiritual realm and the seen-temporal realm. It is Abraham Kuyper who famously said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” And we know, when Jesus comes again, he has promised to remake both the new heavens and the new earth. Yes, according to his scriptures, his kingdom is more than this earth, but it is not less.

5. Jesus Has Ordained Three Spheres of Earthly Government

The King imagined, created, and outlined the responsibilities of the family, the church, and the state. All three are to be led by sacrificial servant-leaders eager to serve in his name and according to his will. Sure, like any of God’s good gifts, they can be perverted and misused, but all three bodies are holy, good, and beneficial.

6. Jesus Has Called Me, as a Servant-Leader, to Love My Family

God has blessed me with an excellent wife, three fantastic children, one incredibly sharp daughter-in-law, one gracious brother, and two honorable parents. On top of this, I can’t wait for the day when I will have a host of grandchildren to love and thoroughly spoil. This is my first priority, and it is my God-given responsibility to promote, pursue, and protect them. Consequently, I have great interest in our government and how they encourage righteousness and discourages that which is harmful to my beloved family.

7. Jesus Has Called Me, as a Servant-Leader, to Love My Church

I serve a Presbyterian congregation in Greenville, South Carolina. For four years we have worshiped together. I dearly love these friends. To them, I am to preach the whole counsel of God’s Word. Additionally, I and other elders are to assist them in the wise application of his principles. Yes, because we love God and one another, we are to make mature disciples who know how to apply God’s teachings in every area of their lives — the political sector not excluded.

8. Jesus Has Called Me, as a Servant-Leader, to Love My Neighborhood

Jesus would have me be a blessing to my neighbors. Part of my mission is to share God’s grace with them:

  • God’s common grace (His compassion)
  • God’s Gospel grace (His promises)
  • God’s Law grace (His wisdom)

Therefore, I make it my aim to share God’s blessings with all. I am not partisan in sharing God’s grace with those white, black, brown, local, foreign, rich, poor, man, woman, capitalist, Marxist, young, old, Democratic, Republican, friend, or foe. I want to avoid undue offense and go out of my way to make their living situation better. And oh, how I long to see many of them come to know their best possible friend — Jesus Christ. Therefore, because I love them, and because I know that not every political decision is equally right or beneficial to them, I must love them by promoting that which my Lord deems best for them — regardless of their conclusions or desires. Yes, because I love God and my fellow neighbors, politics are important.

9. Jesus Has Called Me, as a Servant-Leader, to Love My World

The Lord has given a great mission to his church; we are to make disciples of all nations. As a Christian and a patriot, my heart is filled with gratitude for what the King has chosen to do in, with, and through the United States of America. We have been a liberty-protecting, missionary-sending, Gospel-funding force. God has greatly used us in his plan to bring the nations to him, and for this reason I am very interested in America’s political future.

10. Jesus Has Called Me, as a Servant-Leader, to Love My Government

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, Christ and his leaders preach to patriarchs, judges, prophets, kings, and queens. Our Reformed Fathers understood this truth. In the Westminster Confession, reformed churchmen are reminded of our duty to preach to the State.

11. Jesus Has Called Me to Be a Good Steward

I am to boldly invest my God-given privileges, possessions, position, and power. I must not be a passive minister who hides his talents in the ground. No, because I desire to glorify God, love my family, love my church, love my neighbors, and love the world, and assist my governors, I must seek to be a faithful steward. Politics is not an arena to avoid.

Therefore, due to my renewed commitment to better worship, better love, and better steward, what will I do?

  • I will not be anxious over the future of our nation. The King is still reigning!
  • I will not trust politicians to do what the Spirit alone can do — regeneration and revival.
  • I will not confuse the Party of Jesus (Church) with those of man’s making. (Republican, Democratic)
  • I will no longer undervalue the political sector.
  • I will see both involvement or lack of involvement as contributing to the trajectory of some policy.
  • I will boldly preach God’s Word and clearly apply it to the moral questions of today.
  • I will show Christian liberty to brothers who are led by Scripture and the Spirit to make different choices.
  • I will not think it possible to be both faithful to Christ and accepted by all in the world or even in the church.
  • I will expect suffering in days to come.
  • I will encourage, support, and vote for those who seek to serve well on behalf of the King of kings.
  • I will encourage all those within my sphere of leadership to worship and love well by voting and staying involved.

Why? Because earthly politics are a heavenly matter.

And what else will I do? I will encourage all those within my sphere of leadership to worship well by involving themselves in the political arena. Let’s not kid ourselves; God is vitally interested in the moral issues of our day. These include:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Education
  • Just War
  • Primacy of the Family
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Heterosexual and Monogamous Marriage
  • Private Property
  • Anarchy, Vandalism, and Thievery
  • Biblical Justice
  • Racism
  • Unjust Taxation
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion

And why should we stay active and involved? Because earthly politics are a heavenly matter.

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