A Gracious Fresh Filling

I love this verse:

Then the cloud covered tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.

Exodus 40:34

God is already present. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equal in glory and power. They share the same divine attributes. All three of the God-persons are omnipresent. They already dwell with Israel in the camp.

Yet, God desires that his Chosen Priests enjoy a more intimate experience with him. However, this glorious experience is set to occur only after Moses and Israel engage in their God-directed worship.

Moses obeys. He takes an offering, instructs the craftsmen, erects the tent, arranges the furniture, installs the screen, and lights the incense. He washes the priests, applies the oil, and prepares the sacrifices. Yes, “Moses does according to all the Lord commanded him.” (40:16) Moses “finishes the work.” (40:33)

Does he deserve anything from God? No!

Does he merit God’s grace? No! It is impossible to merit grace. Those two words do not fit well together.

But does the monergistic God of sovereign grace choose to work through Moses? Is there a divinely initiated synergistic relationship between worship and the fresh filling? Absolutely!

Moses obeys. Israel obeys. Worship happens, and God freshly fills his Holy of Holies.

Holy Spirit,

This is what I long for.

Sovereignty: I know you, Holy Spirit, are everywhere present. You do whatever you desire, whenever you desire.

Forming: I know you, Holy Spirit, are present and active before I ask. You are the God of effectual grace. Regeneration is your supernatural work.

Filling: I know you, Holy Spirit, indwell every single believer. It is not a secondary transaction. It is a fantastic reality that you always move into your chosen people and take up residence. That I am your Holy of Holies, it is hard to believe, but it is true.

Fruiting: I know you, Holy Spirit, grace me. You are the sanctifying one who works love, joy, peace, self-control, and a host of other graces in my life.

Falling: And so now in worship, I pray with my scriptural fathers and my church fathers, “Fall fresh on me.” Grant me more experiential delight. Help me commune with greater joy. Teach me to pant and thirst and then experientially satisfy my longing. Worship is not enough. Scripture is not enough. The assembly is not enough. In a dry in weary land, in a wilderness appointed by your design, I lust for you. May your glory cloud move in. May your Spirit be like the morning dew. Yesterdays delight is not sufficient for today. I worship. I pray. I wait.

Your Beloved Son,


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