Fresh Baptism Tomorrow?

The following teaching comes from the book, Joy Unspeakable: Power and Renewal in the Holy Spirit, written by the late Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Thus far, I have found it to be very challenging and encouraging. Personally, I am thankful for the Spirit’s conviction, enlightenment, regeneration, and indwelling. Additionally, I would love to experience more of the … More Fresh Baptism Tomorrow?

Humble Calvinists … Anything Else is Ludicrous

Pharaoh was a religious man who had a great measure of intellectual, spiritual, and theological belief. And with each advancing plague, he believed more and more truth about God, Moses, and himself. However, after suffering multiplied and horrific consequences due to his rebellion — bloody Nile water, an infestation of frogs, gnats, and flies, the ruining … More Humble Calvinists … Anything Else is Ludicrous