We are Gomer; He is Fantastic

Sin takes us farther than we want to go. It keeps us longer than we wish to stay. It charges us much more than we are prepared to pay. It has thoroughly ruined us, and it is going after our children and grandchildren. However, Jesus Christ, our Divine Lover, is gracious, and he has grace that is greater than all our sin. Jesus, our fantastic groom, will not let us be separated from his love, and today, again, he is calling us home.

Our Phenomenal Privilige

We are those chosen by Jesus Christ! He has selected us to be his own bride. He has betrothed himself to us. We are his beloved. With him, we are called and destined to be one.

Our Ludicrous Whoredom

The Lord, who has called us to be his bride, he is omniscient. He knows all things. He knows the end from the beginning. There is nothing — past, present, or future — that can be hidden from his sight.

The Lord, looked down the corridor of time and saw out depravity and debauchery. He knew well the sort of bride he was getting, and it was not pretty.

Jesus saw how we would act foolishly. He knew the irrational decisions we would make, and how we would turn from him and his benefits while advancing in our iniquity.

He saw our wanton adultery. We would violate our vows and become proliferate, shameless whores.

He saw our depravity as we sold our services and passed ourselves from one lover to the next.

He saw our illegitimate bastard children— sons and daughters of our whoredom — who were not his seed.

He saw our brazen hatred. He knew full well how we would arrogantly flaunt our sin right before his face.

He saw how sad we would be. Forsaking him, we would be perpetually dissatisfied by our collection of impotent and abusive lovers.

He saw our progressive wretchedness; how we would fall into unimagined depths of depravity.

Our Unfathomable Grace

However, knowing us through and through, from beginning to end, he is determined to show us undeserved mercy and unfathomable grace.

Jesus, our Divine Lover, pities us. Great is his compassion for us — his rebellious and hurting bride. He loves us with unwavering affection.

Through various voices, he pleads with us to return. He just will not leave us alone.

Intentionally and patiently he steps back and allows us to suffer. He allows us to reap a portion of what we sow. In love, he chastises or disciples. He faithfully and lovingly proves to us the folly of our path.

He prays for us.

He pays the price for our freedom. He pours out every ounce of his own justice on himself.

He comes our way. He moves in close, and allures us.

He revives, cures, heals, washes, clothes, and restores us. He makes us radiantly beautiful in his eyes.

He instructs, trains, and transforms us. How he makes us long to walk in his gifted beauty.

He provides.

He protects.

He preserves.

His love never fails.

And, atop all this, he promises to call our children and make them his own.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but listen to the sentiments of our Divine Lover. In his own inspired words he says …

I will heal your apostasy. I will love you freely, for my anger has turned from you. I will be like the morning dew falling fresh upon you. You will bloom like a rose. You will be mighty like an oak tree. Your beauty shall be like a diamond. Your smell will be incredibly fragrant. You will return and dwell beneath my shadow, within my arms, next to my heart. You will flourish. You will blossom, and people will see what I am doing to, in, with, and through you. I will answer when you call. I will look after you. I will fruit you.

Therefore, be wise and understanding. Be discerning and know the ways of the Lord are right. And now, walk rightly with me. Why transgress? Why stumble? Why live like a whore any longer?

(Creativly Adapted from Hosea 14:4-9)

Our Logical Response

Therefore, seeing our wretchedness and the deficiencies of all other lovers …

And realizing the horrible consequences of our whoredom …

And being reminded of his awesomeness, love, pity, compassion, undeserved mercy, and unfathomable grace …

And seeing his zealous pursuit and the enormous price he has paid.

And realizing his power, provision, and wisdom …

Let us eagerly respond to him with our renewed love and affection. Let’s follow our divinely affected hearts and respond with awe, gratitude, joy, and worship. Let’s “re-believe” in his agape faithfulness. Let’s turn from other lovers and enjoy glorifying him. Fellow sinners, let’s not waste another minute. Let’s REPENT right now, again, and dance in his arms. This is where we belong.

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