Partisan Patriots for a Time; Priests Forever

My opinion about grace, love, worship, culture, evangelism, and politics

I believe in a divine king. There is one Lord over the universe. Jesus Christ is the Sovereign God, and he is to be first and foremost on our minds.

I believe in divine revelation. The omniscient God has presented his will through inspired his prophets and apostles. How blessed are those who meditate on it and apply it daily.

I believe in divine ethics. In the Word of God, objective truth is presented. There are some mysteries. In addition, there are many areas God does not exhaustively treat. And, due to our ignorance, there remain some “gray areas” where believers differ and can practice “situational morality.” However, a simple student of God’s Word can find him clearly informing us regarding …

  • His sovereign hand in creation — both of the world and in the womb
  • The sanctity of human life — all lives matter
  • The necessity of parents prioritizing the discipleship of their children
  • The protection of worship and the good practices of Christ’s church
  • The necessity of a good work ethic, saving, and investing for the future
  • The duty to protect, and steward private property
  • His abhorrence of abuse — neglect, kidnapping, slavery, trading,
  • The practice of just taxation
  • The importance of law and order
  • The necessity to protect and defend those under care
  • The beauty of leaders who are honorable, wise, honest, skilled, and meek
  • The danger of excessive debt
  • How the empowered should love those abused, hurt, or disadvantaged
  • The definitions of marriage, masculinity, and femininity

I believe in divine sovereignty. God’s Word tells me that he installs council members, chiefs, mayors, governors, representatives, judgers, and presidents. He always gets the man or woman he desires for his purposes.

I believe in divine mercy. God never gives us exactly what we deserve. Despite the sin of people and nations, he shows common grace to all. In regard to the United States of America, God has been incredibly gracious.

Therefore, knowing that God matters …

And knowing God’s Word matters …

And knowing God’s ethical wisdom and will matters …

And knowing the devil and his friends matter as they stand against God …

And knowing our freedom to worship — seven days a week, in our houses, offices, churches, and neighborhoods — matters …

And knowing our children and grandchildren matter, for decisions made today have consequences for tomorrow …

And knowing our neighbors and neighborhood matter, for we want to help them enjoy the most wise, beneficial, safe, just, equitable, and encouraging governmental legislation possible …

And knowing our world matters, for a prosperous America has graced nation after nation with God’s common and special grace …

And knowing it is not loving to God and others to do wrong …

And knowing it is not loving to God and to others to do nothing to help them …

I believe in human responsibility. I believe we should all personally worship and love by engaging in politics over the next two months. As citizens, we should read, listen, think, dialogue, debate, and teach. Then we should support, vote, and encourage others to promote God’s ethical wisdom. However, this being said, I feel the need to conclude with one more paragraph.

I believe in Gospel primacy. The primary goal of the church of Jesus Christ is not to “Make America Great Again” or “Restore the Soul of America.” Because Jesus is our King, he gives us our primary commission — we exist to make disciples. So, let’s not become so partisan and antagonistic that we suffer from mission creep. During the next few months, lets …

  • Strive to live at peace with all men
  • Be quick to listen and slow to speak
  • Use words that are sweetly seasoned with salt
  • Honor those in authority — even those who are dishonorable
  • Be consumed with winning friends and not merely arguments
  • Love our enemies, even those who despitefully use us
  • Be instruments of grace to Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists and Atheists alike.

These are people created in God’s image. These are sinners, more in need of a Sovereign King than a good president. They are our neighbors. They are our mission field. They are potential sheep to be redeemed, discipled, and brought into God’s flock. They are not enemies to be despised, humiliated, dominated, and vanquished.

So, as political citizens, let us labor hard to influence, protect, promote, and win. Let us be ambitious in seeking to shape the United States in accordance with what we believe to be most biblical, righteous, honorable, loving, just, true, and wise. But let us do with Gospel Primacy in mind.

We are partisan patriots for a time, but we are gracious priests forever.

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