Win What?

It is vital for us to ask ourselves the question, “Do I want to win the point or the person?” This is a pivotal question for first-chair leaders, second-chair leaders, salesmen, customer-service representatives, evangelists, pastors, teachers, parents, spouses, and anyone else seeking to be an influencer.

Often, when we focus on winning the point, we sadly make unintended progress in losing the person. And when we do this frequently enough, fervently enough, and long enough, we end up losing both the person and the privilege of winning future points. Ultimately, our privilege and possibility to lead is lessened.

However, if as we are endeavoring to win various points, we focus on the person, it may take us longer to win the point at hand, but we may also find ourselves ultimately winning the person. And when we are successful here, we also get the opportunity weigh in on future points. Ultimately, our privilege to lead in the future is improved.

Friends, there is a time, technique, and temperature for everything. Let us consistently ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom in lecturing and listening; for pushing, pulling, probing, and presenting. Let us place a premium on leading relationally today, for when we do so we will often enjoy greater opportunities to lead rationally in the future.

Why be satisfied winning the battle if it results in our ultimately losing the war?

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