Why Sunday Trumps Thursday and Friday

There is Thanksgiving Day. This is the glorious holiday on which we remember our forefathers, remember our God, enjoy our family, watch some football, and eat far too much food.

Following this there is Black Friday. It too has become a day of great celebration in our land. On this particular day we  drive through quagmire, look for deals, stand in lines, and then collapse on the sofa at the end of the day, once again, eating far too much food.

Saturday is a recovery day. It is a sabbath of sorts. On this day we have no more money in our wallets or room in our stomachs. Truthfully, we need a rest from our gluttony and materialism. However, by Saturday evening, the leftovers in the fridge are looking pretty good again. Quite often we end our day, yet again, eating far too much food.

Then there is Sunday — the best day of the Thanksgiving Weekend. This is the day when God’s people gather to give, pray, sing, love, learn, and eat. It is a glorious holiday to be celebrated weekly, and it never gets old. It far surpasses Thanksgiving. It makes Black Friday look pathetic. On this glorious day, God is most glorified and his people most improved. And oh how it can benefit our friends and family. If we can get them to come with us, it would serve them better than any meal we could provide for them on Thursday or present we could purchase for them on Friday. Just think, Sunday could be the day when those, who are not yet God’s people, might come to church, watch us worship, hear God’s Gospel proclaimed, and find themselves inwardly inclined to confess Christ as Savior and join the sacred party.

Oh friends, Thanksgiving Day is wonderful. Black Friday is cute. However, the Lord’s Day, that is a holiday like none other. On that day we celebrate not the pilgrims, the indians, the Cowboys, or the special deals in the mall. No, on that day we celebrate the King of kings who rose again to reign forever with his people. We also celebrate the grace that we have received, are receiving, and will continually receive from the heart and hand of God. Sunday is the grand consummation of the Thanksgiving Weekend. It is the holiday of holidays! Therefore brothers and sisters, enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and festivities. On Black Friday, shop well and do so for the glory of God and the good of your neighbors. (Shop for others as you would have them shop for you.) Then on Saturday, rest up and get your second wind. Why? Sunday is coming, the day set apart by God for us to glorify and enjoy him to the fullest. Come ready to enjoy the sacred feast. Come ready to enjoy the holy party. And bring your friends and family with you. They too need to learn why Sunday trumps Thursday and Friday.




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