Why Has God Blessed Us So?

God gives some people incredible artistic abilities. With their hands some can paint, draw, build, create pottery or play music. With their eyes and mind some can conceptualize a building and follow this up by designing an architectural wonder. Some have been given an ear and voice that allows them to make music with excelllence.

Then there are those to whom God gives the Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to gold. The Bible says that the Lord makes some rich, and these folk can give first hand testimony to the providential enriching of God.

Tonight, on TV, one can turn on ESPN and see those who have been gifted with size, strength, stamina, speed, and skill. Athletes, for a time, have talent on loan from God. And those who have an extra measure of God’s gift find themselves famous and wealthy due to the Lord’s generosity.

Some can learn, talk, and teach. Some cut and heal. Some can plan, administrate, review, and lead. Some are right-brain analyticals as they excel in math and the sciences; while others are left-brain creative-types who thrive in the midst of chaos and spontaneity.

Some can birth inventions and ideas; some are entrepreneurs and can birth businesses; some are blessed to birth the finest of children.

And to some, God gives social influence or governmental power. When they walk in the room, everyone stands and pays attention. When they talk, people listen. 

What about us? What gifts has God given to us, and for what purpose? How should we handle our success? Why has God blessed us so?

Perhaps we will utilize our giftedness better if we mediate for a moment on 2 Samuel 5:10-12:

And David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him … And David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.

First, we should be humble in our success. We should always understand that “the Lord gives and takes away.” We should always remember there is nothing we have for which we can take credit. We should praise less our education, discipline, perseverance, skill, dedication, and dogged pursuit of the American Dream. We should be incredibly humble and grateful.

Second, we should be gracious in our success. Like Queen Esther, we should recognize that God has given us our success “for such a time as this.” With our giftedness comes purpose and responsibility. We should look about and seek to be the best stewards of God’s grace to us. Like King David, we should realize that God has given us unique talents for the sake of his people. We are intended to be God’s agents of common grace to all our neighbors. We are especially gifted and placed to be God’s agents of special grace for all those found in the Kingdom of God (Church).  

Friends, God has enriched us with vast and unique talents and treasures. He has done so, not for our own exaltation, but for his own worship and the improvement of his people. Do we recognize his gracious hand? Are we extenders of his gracious hand? Let us live humbly, enjoy our blessings, and use them ambitiously for the King and his Kingdom.

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