Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Instruction

In one sense, our Reformed fathers were practitioners of deconstruction. Transformed by the Gospel and consumed with a passion to think and worship well, they revisited scripture, challenged assumptions, and discarded unnecessary clutter. Very carefully, our fathers disassembled their churches and analyzed their teachings and practices through the lens of Sola Scriptura. They deconstructed. They … More Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Instruction

The 300

In 2006, a movie came out entitled “300.” It was a film about a dedicated group of Spartans who gave all to stand against Xerxes and his 300,000 soldiers at the Battle of┬áThermopylae. Well, this year, I am looking for 300 friends who will read the Bible with me. For many reasons, I have chosen … More The 300

To Lead We Need to Read and Plead

There are bad leaders and there are Gospel-affected leaders. Bad leaders are going somewhere, and they are effectively taking people with them. However, such leaders lack godly vision, godly compassion, godly character, godly knowledge, and Spirit-empowered skill. As a result of such leadership, they prove to displease the Father and harm their followers. Jesus portrayed … More To Lead We Need to Read and Plead