Hyper Grace, Biblically Understood, is a Glorious Thing

Hyper Grace is a glorious thing. For Hyper Grace, biblically understood, works. Now friends, please do not rush to conclusions about me and my theology. Do not put me in your theological camps quite yet. If you come to the conclusion that I am a licentious antinomian who treats sin lightly, you have misunderstood me. … More Hyper Grace, Biblically Understood, is a Glorious Thing

Use Your Freedom Well

Can you imagine being an Israelite saved from Egypt? Can you contemplate the joy of following Moses, Aaron, the elders, the Angel of God, and the supernatural cloud as it leads you and your family out of the God-forsaken land? Then, can you imagine the renewed hope and joy you have after witnessing God bringing … More Use Your Freedom Well

He Calls Me “Son”

In our original condition, we were slaves of sin and enemies of God, and all of this because we were children of the devil. However, all that has gloriously changed through the working of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now we are redeemed, reconciled, and adopted. Because of God’s undeserved and sovereign grace, we are no … More He Calls Me “Son”