Hyper Grace, Biblically Understood, is a Glorious Thing

Hyper Grace is a glorious thing. For Hyper Grace, biblically understood, works.

Now friends, please do not rush to conclusions about me and my theology. Do not put me in your theological camps quite yet. If you come to the conclusion that I am a licentious antinomian who treats sin lightly, you have misunderstood me. Therefore, please take a few moments and read what I have to say. Be gracious and allow me to prove my point. Perhaps then you will understand me better. Maybe then you will look at your labors and Christ’s work a bit differently. And then, perhaps like me, you will join the happy and holy celebration of those enjoying the Hyper Grace life and begging God for more. For, when God determines to shower a hyper amount of grace upon us, this does not result in our living gleefully in sin. It does not result in less repentance but more. No, a proper understanding of God’s grace causes us to have an insatiable inner hunger to live like the Son, live like a son, live in the Spirit, love God, love our neighbor, and discipline ourselves for godliness.

Hyper Grace and the Law

The Hyper Grace proponent loves God’s Law. He recognizes the Law comes forth from a good God. He realizes it prescribes good thoughts and actions and promises good and pleasing consequences to those who perfectly obey. He sees it is a good gift from the Creator to his creation for it outlines the good way in which all men should walk. He knows it describes the perfect man — the godly man — the God-Man, and it paints a beautiful picture of perfectly holy saints who dance about the throne of God. Hyper Grace proponents do not loathe the Law of God. No, their voices are found in unison with King David who proclaimed, “Oh, how I love your Law.”

The Hyper Grace proponent does not “dumb down” God’s Law. He understands the depth and detail demanded by his Sovereign Lord. He understands how he is required to obey every jot, every tittle, all the major premises, and the finest of print. He understands his duty to obey in desire, thought, word, and deed. He must not do one thing prohibited by God’s ordinances, and he must always do every single activity prescribed by God.

The Hyper Grace proponent does not “dumb down” God’s standard of acceptability. He has heard God describe himself and his desire for thorough holiness. He knows God is too high and holy to judge on a curve. He is also very aware the Divine Judge does not keep a running or weighted average. The mark of acceptability is 100-percent, 100-percent of the time.

The Hyper Grace proponent has little interest in comparing himself to others. Sure, he recognizes he can make himself feel better by doing so, but he knows such judgment holds no merit with He who matters. No, the Hyper Grace proponent is concerned with Christ alone. He is the standard. He is the role model. And he is the only Being whose opinion and judgment matters.

The Hyper Grace proponent does not create additional man-made laws in order to make himself feel holy. He understands God is interested only in God’s Laws. He cares not about the extra-biblical prescriptions and prohibitions placed upon the shoulders of men and women. Therefore, he may have his personal rules regarding food, drink, clothing, entertainment, etc …, but he never confuses his personal rules with the sacred Law of God, and he certainly does not require them of others. He knows that would be putting himself in the position of God.

However, when the Hyper Grace proponent properly examines himself in the light God’s good and gracious Law, he, more than all others, is found on his face crying in misery. In his closet, he is the one yelling loudest, “O God, have mercy on me a sinner.”  The Hyper Grace proponent, more than all religious folk about him, sees his sin, and everyday he sees it more and more clearly,. This is a mark of his spiritual maturity. His eyes are being opened to God’s reality. The Law does not make him feel better about himself. No, it perpetually slays his spiritual ego. Of all religious theologians, the Hyper Grace proponent believes and holds to the doctrine of man’s total depravity. He has the highest view of God’s Law. He has the lowest view of self-righteousness. He, more than others, is the most desperate one seeking some external remedy for the lack of reconciliation experienced between he and his Law-Giving, Law-Loving, and highly offended God.

Hyper Grace and the Gospel

The Hyper Grace proponent is the one most thrilled with the performance, payment, and presentation of Jesus Christ.

The Hyper Grace proponent rightly understands Jesus’ performance. He sees Jesus as the Law-Giver who became the Law-Keeper. He recognizes how seriously the Son took his Law-keeping. He kept it all — one-hundred percent, internally and externally. Without exception, Jesus maintained holy character and holy conduct. In all times and in all places, though being tempted like Adam, Jesus was thoroughly righteous in his desires, thoughts, words, and deeds.

They Hyper Grace proponent fully understands Jesus’ payment. He knows that Jesus was crucified, and he knows why. Daily, he remembers how Jesus allowed himself to be slaughtered by the Holy Father. Daily he contemplates the Law-Giver, who became the Law-Keeper, who was condemned and executed as the most vile Law-Breaker. And why?

The Hyper Grace proponent understands Jesus’ presentation. Jesus earned all the righteousness needed for his children, he paid all the sin-debt required of his children, in order that he might present to his children the free gift of holiness and peace with God. The perfect God-Man satisfied all the Father’s demands for all the Father’s children. He did not come to earth to give men a divine boost. He did not come to earth to give men a second-chance. He did not come to help. He came to his created earth to be the gracious substitute for sin-filled men and women. All of this was the predestined plan and perfect work of the Father, Son, and Spirit. All of this was the free gift of the offended Creator and Judge. And all of this was merely of grace. It was not deserved, and it could not be earned. There was absolutely no performance or partnership required, for totally depraved men would not partner and could not perform.

The Hyper Grace proponent reads God’s Word, attends God’s church, and consistently hears the Father, Son, and Spirit call him “friend, child, bride, and saint.” His can’t help but sing and dance, for his identity is changed forever.

The Law was God’s gracious presentation of his will. The Gospel was God’s gracious performance of his will on behalf of impotent men and women. “To God be the glory, great things he has done!” This is the Gospel. This is grace!

Hyper Grace and Worship

However my friends, the Hyper Grace proponent is not interested in “hallow grace.” He knows God has big plans for him. He understands his Savior continues to save him from his sin. He knows fully God will not leave him alone after his justification, adoption, and positional sanctification, but loves him too much leave him be.

The Hyper Grace proponent recognizes he is now sacred space for the Deity. The God who formerly dwelt apart, above, atop holy mountains, and alone the Holy of Holies, he now takes permanent residence within.

The Hyper Grace proponent recognizes the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit. He is none other than God Almighty — the one who created the universe out of nothing and formed it out of chaos. He is the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and gives life to dead corpses. He is God Almighty who sovereignly and effectually regenerates, fills, gifts, and fruits those in union with Christ.

The Hyper Grace proponent recognizes his new heart. From within, his internal interests are progressively being changed. He enjoys not his sin as he once did. He has a renewed desire for things holy, and he more and more finds delight in God’s Gracious Law. He recognizes that, until the end, he will always be a struggling Law-breaking sinner. But he is not miserably distraught, for he also knows he will forever be a reconciled child of God. Therefore, if God will help him, if God will further grace him, he will always be a remembering, repenting, and recovering sinner-saint longing to look more and more like his Lord, Savior, Hero, and Helper. And he knows, this is all the grace of God.

So what about you?

Aren’t you excited about God’s grace is giving you his Law?

Aren’t you even more excited about his grace in giving you his Son and his righteousness?

Aren’t you hungry for more of his grace that you might better worship him? Are you really that satisfied with your sub-standard worship? Do you really think you have everything you need in order for you, by yourself, to walk rightly before him today?

Aren’t you utilizing the means of grace in trust that the Spirit will use such to transform you more and more into the image of Christ?

Don’t you want more grace to enjoy him?

Don’t you want more grace to love him?

Don’t you want more grace to commune with and understand him?

Don’t you want more grace to trust him?

Don’t you want more grace to obey him?

Oh friends, let’s be Hyper Grace proponents together. We are not at all interested in some “hallow grace” that saved us yesterday and calls us to “man up” and do it alone today. Yesterday, we knew we needed grace. Today, don’t we know we need even more grace? Therefore, please come and enjoy the holy dance with me. Come with me to the God of grace and beseech him that we might display his affection more and more. Pray with me that he might make us both more happy and holy. Then, let us go to our friends and preach this Gospel of Hyper Grace fully, for we are not interested in some imagined “hollow grace” that leaves us alone after our justification. No, because we are being transformed by Christ, we want the full-orbed, Holy Spirit empowered grace that refuses to leave us be.





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