They Called Upon the Name of the Lord

There were only two camps, two teams, two sides, or two seeds. None were neutral. None were found in the middle. A “no-man’s land” existed not.

On one side was Satan, his demons, and his earthly followers who persistently disbelieved God, ignored his law, discounted his holiness, and spurned his common grace. They were Satan’s seed — children of the devil, and they included Cain, Lamech, and their descendants. And what was it that characterized this line? According to the early chapters of Genesis, they were were vile thugs who wrote songs lauding their sin, covetousness, polygamy, hatred, and ruthless vengeance.

On the other side was God, his faithful angels, and certain revived and repenting children of Adam and Eve. And what characterized this line? Moses writes:

…  At that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord. (Genesis 4:26)

The redeemed seed — they walked and talked with God. They were men and women of prayer. This was their chief defining characteristic.

Therefore, we ask Jesus to “teach us to pray.” We ask him to incite within us a greater passion to converse with him.

And we find ourselves enjoying prayer more in our prayer closets with the Word of God opened before us.

And we find ourselves walking with Jesus along the way and throughout the day. More and more we enjoy our spontaneous utterances with him. It is proper worship and great fun to pray when we rise, pray when we retire, and pray without ceasing.

And we find ourselves enjoying prayer before our meals. These are opportunities to give God thanks for food and anything else that comes to mind.

And we find ourselves enjoying family prayer in the morning or evening.

And we find ourselves enjoying prayer within our small group, accountability group, life group, discipleship group, community group, cell group, home group, home church or whatever else we call them. It is delightful to express our needs and hear those of others. It is therapeutic to confess our sins to one another, pray for one another, and offer the Gospel-balm to our sin-sick family member. How beneficial it is to be in the prayerful counsel of others. To be with Jesus and his disciples in a small group prayer meeting — this brings incredible blessings.

And we find ourselves enjoying the gathering with God and his people each week. This joint-service becomes the highlight our week as we holiday together with our larger church family. On Sunday, great joy comes from our spoken and sung prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. On the Lord’s Day, great wisdom comes from hearing God’s Word, hearing from God’s Spirit, and responding in silent meditative prayer during the sermon. And then come the sacraments — those acted out ceremonies that become “means of grace” as men and women faithfully pray while partaking. The entire service is communion. The entire service is two-way communication. All of this is God talking to us while we talk back to God.

And because prayer is powerful and effective, we find ourselves graced — more and more — with enjoyment, enlightenment, and effectual power.

Therefore friends, fantastic and gracious blessings await us. Let’s fall on our faces, get on our knees, raise our hands in the air, and dance before the Lord. Let’s “have a little talk with Jesus and tell him all about our troubles.” Feel free to “go to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses.” For sure, enjoy your “sweet hour of prayer.” Yes, in the words of Hebrews, “Boldly go before the throne of grace.” Be a Christian today and enjoy your birthright. Call upon the name of the Lord and be blessed.

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