The Fool or the Student

Proverbs 12:15     The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.

photo-1587331722574-acf78f587c4eAm I one who has utmost confidence in my own thinking; I am bright and I know it?

Am I one who confuses knowledge with wisdom?

Am I one who needs not the “multitude of counselors?”

Am I one who ignores parents, elders, and those who have gone before me?

Am I one who ignores history; must I learn lessons the hard way?

Am I one who believes I will get away with it; I am the exception to the rule?

Am I one who reads not God’s Word?

Am I one who has stopped learning?

Am I one who does not value teachers — those whom God calls “gifts” to his people?

Am I one who thinks my heart is not deceitful?

Am I one who ignores God’s Law — all the good commands I should keep but always break?

Am I one who ignores God’s Gospel — all the good promises God preforms for me?

Am I foolish?

photo-1480388198291-d071e45ee9caShould I repent, pray for humility, trust the Wonderful Counselor, look for fresh grace, open the scriptures, learn from teachers, talk with elders, find a mentor, study history, surround myself with like-minded fellows, and avoid congregating with fools?

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