Dan Polstra and His Nuggets of Truth

The Top 10 13 16 Nuggets Resulting from the Coronavirus

by Dan Polstra

Are you sick of the words “unprecedented”, “social distancing” and “hand washing”?  I am too!

Over Easter, the great religious scholar Farmer Clay and the astute Max Howler (from Kidz church) pondered the “good” that is resulting from the Coronavirus.  Farmer Clay recalled Genesis Chapter 50, verse 19 when Joseph stated this fact after his brothers had thrown him into the well and then sold him as a slave: “Don’t be afraid… You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…”    I read a book one time that talked about a Christian father who told his son to “look for the nuggets of gold” in tough situations.  I liked that advice.

So here it is – the Top 10 13 16 Nuggets Resulting from the Coronavirus (I started out with 10 and then kept thinking of several more):

16.       Are you a procrastinator?  Now is a good time to put things off, and you probably won’t get scolded.
15.       We have plenty of time to watch some mindless movie comedies.
14.       If you ever needed an excuse for comfort food, this is it!
13.       Three words – unlimited dog hugs.
12.       When we do have to venture out on the roads, gas is cheap and there is no traffic!
11.       We have more time to read and/or learn new things.  And we’re all getting better at using technology for remote meetings, school work, etc.
10.       The weather is great right now.  Getting outside for walks, hikes, or bike rides and enjoying nature is a bonus.  And so far, no mosquitos!
9.         We can get things done around the house (yes, even Pastor Joe Franks is tackling some home improvement projects).  Tours of my pristine crawlspace will happen soon – reservations are required.
8.         We have a renewed emphasis on the importance of proper hygiene (hand washing).  Hopefully even teenage boys are washing their hands more than normal.
7.         We have a greater appreciation for teachers.  Teaching is hard work!  I have witnessed this first hand as my wife Karen teaches virtually from home.
6.         We have a greater appreciation for community.  I’m thankful for the gotomeeting app, but I miss seeing my church friends, and especially the Chickmen and our waitress Lorene at the Cracker Barrel.
5.         We have a greater appreciation for our health care workers.  Wow, talk about sacrifice.  We have many people from Horizon to thank for their service in this field – Terri Sippel, Jaymie Siatkowski, Kelly and Jill Miner, Carla Banish, Bill Weathers, Kurt Heitman, Joe Henderson, Liz Rogers, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone.
4.         We have more family time.  The Polstras host a virtual “family hour” once a week over Skype with our entire family, including our New Zealanders!
3.         We have a renewed focus on remembering what our priorities in life are, and the proper order of them – God, family and health, work.  Note:  If you are not healthy, you can’t take care of your family.
2.         We have a renewed urgency to help those in need.
1.         We have more time and more reasons to talk to God.

During times like these, it is helpful to look at Romans 8:28:  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”   God used a terrible thing – the death of his son Jesus Christ – to give us a great thing – eternal life!  But remember that God doesn’t promise that we’ll have all of the answers for everything that happens here on earth.  For some answers, we’ll have to wait until we get to heaven!

If you have some nuggets to share, please send them my way at danpolstra@gmail.com.







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