Twenty Eight Years

Loved for 1,000,000 Years

Before creation, I was foreknown and foreloved by God. I know not why he chose me. I know not why he penned my name in the Book of Life written before the foundation of the world. Looking ahead and seeing my depravity, he knew I would deserve nothing but his wrath, judgment, condemnation, excommunication, and hell. However, as great as my sin would be, he determined to show great grace to me. Yes, for aeons, I have been incredibly loved by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Loved for 5O Years

It was in 1969 that I was born to Martha and Joe Franks in Fairmont, West Virginia. Since the day of my conception, I have been incredibly loved by my godly parents. The disappointment and abuse suffered by many has not been my story. Great has been the tender compassion and sacrificial care shown to me by them. Great has been my parent’s example to me. Every single day, I have been able to rest in their affection. I thank the Lord for his kindness to me in this regard. Yes, for 50+ years, I have been a beloved child of Joe and Martha.

Loved for 28 Years

It was in 1991 that Laura Evans Franks became my wife.

She promised to love me for better or worse, for richer for poorer, and in sickness and in health. She said she would allow me to be her servant-leader, and she swore she would be one with me until the day we were parted by death. These were her words. These were her promises. These were her vows made before God and man.

And for 28 years, Laura has been faithful to me in her affections and actions. She has been …

  • My confidant — She is the one who knows my weaknesses and sins, shows me the love, mercy, and grace of God. She has been my priest and confessor.
  • My cheerleader — She is the one applauding my weak efforts and encouraging me to “be the man,” lead the way, and fight for victory.
  • My co-parent — She has been the better parent. Laura is the one who went after our children’s hearts and taught me to do so.
  • My co-pastor — In any way that I have been a blessing to people in the various churches I have served, these members owe their greatest debt of gratitude to Laura. She is the one who has discipled, steadied, and improved me. She is the one who blessed me that I might pass along some blessings to others.
  • My lover — Laura is both the girl you want to date and the one you want to marry. Great has been her affection towards me. As they years accumulate, the relational delight has grown.
  • My best friend — I have never found myself longing to hide away in my “Man Cave” or hit the town with the fellows. Whether it is golf, shopping, concerts, trips, sporting events, or simply hanging out by the fire at home, all I want is more of Laura. Sometimes, this becomes overwhelming and suffocating for her. I am working on that. But it is true. If  I can be with anyone to share any adventure, it is Laura who I crave.

Yes, Laura has been God’s second-greatest gift to me. So, on this anniversary day, November 16, 2019, If I were not a Calvinist, I guess I would say, “I’m a lucky man.”

However, since I am one who believes God decrees whatsoever comes to pass, I suppose I need to give glory and honor to my Heavenly Father. He knew how to bless me with Eternal Life in his Son. He also knew how to bless me in Temporal Life with his daughter. I am a blessed man.

Thank you God, I love you!

Thank you Laura, I love you! May God give us 28 more fantastic years.




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