Free Grace Available Today

NT Chronological PictureAs believers, we cannot be more or less loved by our Heavenly Father, but we can be more or less graced. And how exactly can we be further graced? There are several ways:

  • Through participation in corporate worship.
  • Through time spent in prayer.
  • Through the fellowship of the saints.
  • Through daily meditation in Scripture.

Therefore friends, will you consider reading the New Testament – chronologically – with me this year? Together we can read, meditate, and ask questions of the text. In addition, I will regularly blog which could be of some encouragement to you. These writings will be based on the text for the day. (

If you do not have a better plan for 2018, why not consider this opportunity. You can find the reading schedule by downloading the YouVersion Bible App. The particular plan is found under “Find Plans” then “Through the Bible” then “Partial” then “NT Chronological.”

You can also find it on line at

You might also consider sharing this reading and blogging opportunity with friends needing the daily grace of God.

Brothers and sisters, let’s do it! Grace awaits. Wisdom is at hand. Benefits follow. Let’s enjoy some of God’s fresh grace together.



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