Without Laura … Less of a Man

img_0053Without Zipporah, Moses would have been killed. God would have had to use another deliverer.

Without Deborah, Barak would have stayed-put sitting on the sideline. He never would have gone to war and rescued Israel.

And without Laura, Joe Franks would have been less of a Christian, less of a man, less of a father, less of a minister, and less of a leader.

IMG_0483Friends, today is a special day in my life, and I am taking a moment of personal privilege. November 16th is my anniversary, and for 26 years I have been selflessly and consistently loved, encouraged, cheered, and propped up. (Really for 31 years, for I started chasing her and we started dating in our senior year of high school.) Therefore, today I am choosing to follow the lead of the Proverbs 31 Man. Today, publicly, I am rising up and calling my wife “blessed.”

However, the truth is, I am really the blessed one.

Happy Anniversary babe! I love you.

And now men, you do not have to wait until your anniversary to let your wife know how much you love and appreciate her. Why not make a call, write a post, or send her a note right now? Adam wasn’t the only one who needed a helper. You do too, and the Lord has given you far more than you deserve. Therefore, add your voice to mine. Praise your wife in the gates. If that doesn’t work, praise her on the World Wide Web. Do something today to let her know how grateful you are for her ministry in your life.

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