A Guarantee We Do Not Intend to Make

At Embers to a Flame, we can guarantee church growth. Yes, we are absolutely sure we have the ability to increase the number of people sitting in your church. There is no doubt about it. Through a focus on comfort, novelty, entertainment, and privacy we can help you “pack the pews.” If this doesn’t work, we can continue the process by helping you eliminate topics that are controversial while you craft the consumer-focused approach so popular across our land. Yes, we have the ability to work with you and increase numbers in your church.

However, that is not what we do! This is a guarantee we do not intend to make.

Instead of focusing on church growth, we at Embers to a Flame focus on church health. Like you, we want to see the masses comes to know Jesus Christ. We want more and more people to experience discipleship. Sure, we also are hungry to see huge throngs glorify and enjoy Jesus. We want to see your church grow!  However, growth in health must take priority over growth in size. A focus on qualitative health is always more important than a focus on quantitative size.

Church leaders, can we come alongside you and help your church “remember, repent, and recover?” Can you, along with us, be refreshed by God’s grace, be instructed by God’s Word, and find within a renewed passion for leading Christ’s church Christ’s way? Would you consider coming to one of our two upcoming conferences in Englewood, New Jersey or Birmingham, Alabama? Admit it; you could use a good dose of biblical instruction, Gospel hope, personal encouragement, and ecclesiastical coaching.

Visionary leaders, would you consider partnering with us in hosting a conference? We are currently considering locations for our next two conferences in 2018. Would you, your denomination, presbytery, synod, association, or church be interested in ministering to pastors, elders, deacons, church leaders, and church members in this way?

Friends, would you pray with and for us? In this day of slick superficiality, quick fixes, and a focus on externals, Embers to a Flame is a ministry that goes back to the Book. While understanding the need for churches to be culturally flexible and effective, we are unswervingly dedicated to being theologically fixed. Would you add us to your prayer list and regularly intercede for us?

Can we help?

Do you need information? Give us a call.

Do you desire a visit from a minister on our staff? Could your church utilize a weekend emphasis on “remembering, repenting, and recovering?” It does not take much for us to have our “arms twisted” and come your way.

Do you need prayer and encouragement? Go ahead, send us a note, or pick up the phone. At the current time, we have a team of over 300 people eager to pray for you. Struggling saints, we exist to come along side and encourage you. Today, if we can be of any assistance, please make contact with us. This makes our day, and it just might make yours as well.

With great love,

Joseph Franks






(205) 776-5401


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