A Reason to Break Forth in Singing

The Sinful Should Sing  (54:1ff)

In Isaiah 54, redeemed worshipers of God were commanded to “break forth in singing and cry aloud.” God commanded that they pause and experience a “charismatic” moment. It was time for them to get up and dance. They were to clap their hands, play their cymbals, beat their drums, and blow their trumpets. They were to assemble, sabbath, feast, rejoice, glorify, and enjoy the Lord.

Why should they do so? How could they, who were so troubled, celebrate in the midst of their current chaos?

The Simple One Would Come  (53:1-2)

The Messiah would come, not in an extravagant manner, but in a humble condition. Instead of presenting himself in glorious splendor, he would arrive on the scene without majestic form and irresistible beauty. He would appear differently than other world leaders. Frankly, his coming would not be so manifestly spectacular. The Coming King would be humble, he would be simple, and consequently he would not be so desirable.

The Scorned One Would Come  (53:3)

Worse than this, the Promised Messiah would be ignored, despised, and then rejected. People would see him coming and hide their faces; they would run the other direction. Oh, he may be highly esteemed by the Heavenly Father. He may have a healthy measure of self-esteem, but he would not be rightly and highly esteemed by his contemporaries. By and large, his neighbors would ridicule and scorn him.

The Suffering One Would Come  (53:4-5, 7-10)

It get’s worse. The Messiah would come simply. He would be scorned, then he would suffer horribly.

The Messiah would view his people as dirty, dumb, and directionless sheep. In reality, they would be much worse than sheep; they would prove to be dirty, dumb, directionless, depraved, and damned rebels. They would be those who seen to turn away from the Lord and walk according to their own foolish counsel and devilish passions, and for this they would have hell to pay.

However, the Father, Son, and Spirit would prove to have undeserved compassion toward their belligerent and damned rebels. And it would be based upon this undeserved love that the Holy Father would send the Holy Son in his simple condition to be scorned and to suffer.

The loving and just Heavenly Father promised to load up the Son with the griefs and sorrows of elect sinners. Then the Holy God would smite his Only Begotten Son. Yes, the Messiah would be pierced — head, hands, feet, side, and soul — for the transgressions of his friends. He would be crushed; the full chastisement of certain sinners would be thrown at him. And he would receive his measure of suffering silently, entirely, and willingly. The Messianic King would be the oppressed one. He would be afflicted. He would be slaughtered — crucified. And all of this would be in accordance to the will of the Lord who determined to crush him.

Why? Why? Why? For what reason would the Father do this to his Holy Son? Why would the Messiah sign up for this?

The Successful One Would Come  (53:5-6, 10-12)

The Messiah would come to be crushed in order that his beloved children might experience perfect peace. No longer would they be at enmity with God. Forever, perfectly, they would be reconciled. Any relational discord with the Holy One would be eternally fixed because the Messiah would be the Prince of Peace.

By his wounds, his friends would be healed. They who were addicted to sin would be released from their devilish bondage. They could say “no” to the world, the flesh, and Satan. They could make progress in keeping God’s good directives.

They would be born again. They will become his beloved offspring — the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Forever more, they will be his children, members of his household of faith.

Following his humiliation, in his state of exaltation, the Son will ever be watching and thrilled. He shall see and be satisfied.

All all those perfectly and entirely atoned for by the Son, they shall be accounted righteous. Others may slander and condemn them, but not the Holy Judge. No longer shall they be considered dirty, dumb, directionless, depraved, and damned rebels. They shall henceforth be called holy, righteous, just, and saintly.

And in the end, his inheritance will their inheritance. His righteousness would be their righteousness. His relationship with the Father would be their relationship with the Father. After death, they would have a perfected resurrected body like his. His sinless condition would their future experience. And they would share all his glorious, heavenly riches.

Oh chaotic friends, pause and experience a “charismatic” moment. Sing and give glory to God. That which was promised to Israel of old has come about. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Jesus suffered for you, and he did so successfully. Enjoy your peace. Walk as one who has been healed. Give praise that you are the offspring of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Know that he looks upon you with delight; he sees and is satisfied. Do not listen to the slander and condemnation of the Devil and the devilish; Jesus calls you “Saint!” And fret not as this world proves not to be paradise. Glory is ahead. There is a house with your name on it, and Jesus waits to welcome you home. Grab your trumpet. Grab your cymbals. Dance a jig! Jesus was the successful Savior, and he watches over you with delight today.

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