Phenomenal Inheritance

motor_yacht-carinthia-viiI passed by this yacht today. This picture does not do it justice. For a moment, I thought it was a cruise ship and not a personal yacht. It is the Carinthia VII and it is owned by Heidi Horton. She is the Austrian heiress of an estate worth $2.5 billion. This ship is one of the largest luxury yachts in the world with a length of 318.25 ft, a beam of 52.50 ft, and a draft of 15.75 ft. She has four diesel engines which each generate 10.064 HP and enable the Carinthia VII to reach a maximum speed of 26 knots. And though she is huge and has a full-time crew of 25 members, she is designed to accommodate 12 guests.

Personally, I can’t imagine owning a boat worth $18,000. However, Mrs. Horton’s personal yacht is worth $180,000,000. These numbers are staggering to me. They are far beyond my capacity to comprehend. However, Mrs. Horton’s fortune, including her boat, fall far short of the inheritance reserved for me. I am far more wealthy. My inheritance in Jesus Christ is much greater.

  • I get to enjoy God – there is nothing I can do to make him my enemy.
  • I get peace in this present life in whatever state I’m in – with or without a yacht.
  • I get eternal life – for centuries – for millennia – forever and ever.
  • I will someday enjoy a soul without sin.
  • I will someday enjoy a body without pain.
  • I will someday enjoy neighbors without strife.
  • I will someday enjoy a planet without curse – a paradise fit for a king.
  • I will someday enjoy emotions without tears.
  • I will constantly proclaim, “The Lord is my Shepherd, and I have no wants.”
  • I will personally honor and celebrate the King of Kings in ceremonies that cannot be expressed.
  • When I see him, personally, face to face, he will welcome me with warm embraces like I am his best of friends.

Friends, I will not dwell in Venice forever. For the rest of my days, I will not eat the finest of cuisine at every meal. I will never own billions. I will never own millions. I will probably never own a boat. But this I know … I will dwell in the house of the Lord Jesus Christ forever. This is grace. This is my future. This is my inheritance. I am blessed with a phenomenal inheritance I do not deserve.

And this is yours as well if you are in love with Jesus Christ.

Therefore, when you look at phenomenal wealth, go ahead, smile and wink. Some men and women enjoy it for a season. Christians get to enjoy lasting wealth forever and ever.


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