An Inheritance Swap

In the beginning, the perfect God created a perfect planet, containing a perfect garden, filled with perfect animals, stewarded by perfect people. All was grand as Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect spiritual communion, intellectual veracity, emotional stability, relational intimacy, vocational satisfaction, physical health, and environmental stability. This is what God intended for his friends.

Then it happened. Sometimes this tragic episode has been called “The Fall” because the result was the entire human race falling from grace. Perhaps it could be better labeled “The Rebellion,” for it was no accident when perfectly wise individuals defied the one stated rule of their Creator. Yes, willfully, just as Satan and the demons arrogantly rebelled against God in the heavens, so the first couple defied God on earth. Truth claims were compared and contrasted. Free choices were made. Trust was transferred from the Creator to a created being. Spiritual alliances were formed. Sides were taken, and on one side were God and his obedient angels, on the other were Satan, the demons, Adam and Eve. Sure, it was a “Fall,” but it was also a most “Wicked Rebellion.”

The Bible states:

Proverbs 3:33     The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous.

Therefore, as a result of their wicked rebellion, the blessing of God was withdrawn and the Lord’s curse was poured out. Adam, Eve, and all their clan suffered …

  • Spiritual curse — They lost divine communion; their souls were killed.
  • Intellectual curse — They  thought differently; they reasoned imperfectly.
  • Emotional curse — They felt differently; their emotions were damaged.
  • Relational curse — They experienced a disharmony that would grow.
  • Physical curse — They had deteriorating bodies in the process of dying.
  • Vocational curse — They would be frustrated in their calling.
  • Global curse — They encountered danger on their formerly perfect planet.

Friends, this list represents the inheritance of all who are born of Adam and Eve. This list represents the wages of all men and women. All are imperfectly conceived and defectively birthed. A defiant sin nature is found within all, and this is proven by actual sins committed by all. There is no one sinless. There is no one righteous. And consequently, there is no one who deserves the blessing of God. Remember the verse stated above:

Proverbs 3:33     The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous.

However, there is some really Good News. It is the best of news. Jesus Christ took upon himself the curse of wickedness he did not earn. He redeemed men from the curse of God’s Law by becoming a curse for them. In God’s Ceremonial Law, horrible sinners were hung on a tree for all to see. According to God’s gracious plan, Jesus was hanged on a tree, like a wretched sinner, for all to see. (Galatians 3:13)  And why was this done? It was done that the blessing of God might come to men who denounced their works and place their faith in him. (Galatians 3:14)  Jesus Christ took the blessing of righteousness he earned and granted it to his household.

Friends, would you like an inheritance swap? Would you like to trade in …

  • Spiritual curse for a spiritual life that is growing and thriving?
  • Intellectual curse for a mind constantly being renewed and transformed?
  • Emotional curse for a perfect peace and a contentment in all things?
  • Relational curse for an agape love towards our family and neighbors?
  • Vocational curse for a reinvigorating purpose in our earthly calling?
  • Physical curse for the sure hope of a brand new resurrected physical body?
  • Global curse for the sure hope of a recreated earthly paradise?

Unreconciled sinner, this can be yours. Read the books of John and Romans in the New Testament. Make contact with your Gospel-proclaiming friend. Call your pastor. Make contact with me.** Cut ties with Lucifer. Place your trust and confidence in Jesus Christ. Swap your deserved curse for the undeserved blessings of your Savior. What kind of a fool would not take up God on this offer? It is the opportunity of a lifetime for you and your family. Let’s get this taken care of today!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us rejoice afresh in what Christ has done for us. We are no longer accursed. Sure, the consequences of sin and the corresponding curse of God still haunt us. We are still forced to deal with:

  • Our cursed and wretched sin natures.
  • Our thinking that still believes the lies of the world, the flesh, and the devil.
  • Our sin-laden emotions.
  • Our self-love that damages human relationships.
  • Our apathy or idolatry of our particular vocations.
  • Our deteriorating bodies.
  • Our damaged earthly environment.

However, our salvation was, is, and is to come. We have been saved from the condemnation and curse of God, and we have more salvation yet to experience. The best is here, and it is yet to come. Our inheritance is now, and not yet. It is better today, and it gets better tomorrow. We are children of the King. We are the bride of the Prince. We have been granted an irrevocable inheritance from the God who cannot lie or change his mind. Rejoice today, and get ready to rejoice even more tomorrow. Paradise is around the corner.






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