Humbled and Hilariously Happy

Are we humble? Allow me to help.

We are men and women born of ill-repute. Lucifer is our spiritual father. Rebellious Adam and Eve are our temporal parents. We are evil, born in sin.

We are men and women who advance in sin. Some obtain a master’s degree at the university. Some master the musical arts, and others master the martial arts. Some are master-chefs and others are master-technicians. However, all of us are masters of iniquity. Not only are we born in sin, but we plot and devise how we may rebel against God more successfully. Because we are sinners, we become proficient in sin. Actively we defy God in our thoughts, affections, words, and deeds.

We are men and women who discount both our depraved condition and the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ. In our own eyes, we are not so terrible. Then, in our own eyes, God is not so holy, offended, and outraged. We have heard the story of the cross-work of Jesus and consider it sweet and tender, but we have little desire to bow the knee and submitting to Jesus’ lordship. No, the cost of discipleship is far too expensive. Consequently, in our natural condition, we hear the command to repent and kiss the Son, and because our hearts are hard we are not inlined to humble ourselves, submit, and serve him today. Following our own depraved logic and desires, we reject the Gospel of Jesus.

However, here is the really good news — though we reject the Gospel, the Gospel does not reject us! We are men and women who have been loved, justified, pardoned, and freed. Despite our original sin, ongoing sin, and incorrigible sin, we have been targeted for grace.

  • With everlasting love, before we sinned, he loved us.
  • With ancient love, before we sinned, he died for us.
  • With irresistible love, while we were yet sinners, he regenerated us.
  • With unfailing love, while we struggle with sin, he keeps us.

Are we hilariously happy? Allow me to help.

Who are we? We are rank rebels who have joined with Lucifer in glorifying ourselves and devaluing God.

What do we deserve? We deserve God’s temporal and eternal curse. We deserve it fast, ferociously, and forever.

Instead, what do we have? We have received God’s temporal and eternal blessings. We have been brought into his court and intimately enriched as his favorite children. We are invited into his chambers and showered with affection as his beloved bride. We are encouraged to ascend the holy hill of the Lord. We are his high priests, able to walk with reverential confidence behind the curtain and into his Holy of Holies.

Why do we have what we have? We have such blessings because God’s loves to please himself by graciously blessings scandalously sinful people.

Therefore, how ought we to respond? We should be the most humble and hilariously happy worshipers on the planet. Who cares what the world thinks of us? Do not be overly concerned with the appraisal of our family and friends. Let us quit looking at our sinful inconsistencies and judging ourselves. Instead, let us hear anew the song we sang in our youth, “Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight.” Consider this — the most holy, the most wise, the most powerful, the most rich, the most glorious, the most important, the most consistent and unchanging Being on the planet has set his unfathomable affection on us. He has come to earth and died for all our transgressions and sins. He has filled us with his presence, and he is coming again to usher us into his paradise. He has loved us. He does love us. He always will love us.

Now, let us be radical in our enjoyment and glorifying of him. Let us be thrilled with his acceptance and respond with crazy love. It is OK to be excited. It is good and reasonable to be unconcerned. Let us be informed. Let us be humble. And let us be hilariously happy worshipers throughout the day.


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