Daily Infusions of Grace

Before we were born, the Father showed grace to those of us in his spiritual family. Yes, before the beginning of time, the Father wrote the names of all believers in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Before the horrible fall of Adam and Eve, God determined to show us mercy and grace despite our wretched sinfulness yet to be fully displayed.

Before we were born, the Son showed grace to those of us in his spiritual family. He temporarily set aside the privileges of God and came to earth to live and die for his friends. Incredible grace was shown to us thousands of years before we even arrived on the scene.

Before we were born, the Spirit showed grace to those of us the household of faith. He guided and inspired the holy prophets to pen sacred and authoritative words. He then providentially led the people of faith in discovering, compiling, and preserving those prophetic writings that were for all men, in all lands, in all eras. Yes, before we were conceived, the Holy Spirit showed us grace by providing for us a Bible which feeds our souls and make us wise.

Before we were born again, the Spirit showed grace to those of us now in Christ Jesus. Left in our natural condition, we would have been unimpressed with the decreeing grace of the Father, the redeeming grace of the Son, and the revealing grace of the Spirit. We would have continued to rebel against God. However, the Holy Spirit revived our souls and caused us to believe, repent, confess, and follow Christ. The Holy Spirit graced us, before we were born again, so that when we were born again we might freely choose Christ.

Now that we have been born again, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit long to grace us further. Our justification is complete, but our sanctification is in progress, and we need more grace. And how exactly are we further graced, transformed, improved, encouraged, and spiritually blessed:

  • Through participation in corporate worship.
  • Through much time spent in prayer
  • Through many hours of meditation upon the Scripture

Therefore, it is for this reason that I blog. Daily, I long to read the Bible, teach the Bible, and help friends apply the Bible, so that they might be further graced. Presenting a sermon on Sunday morning to members of Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church is not enough. I want to spread God’s grace to as many people as he sovereignly allows.

For 2016, this devotional blog will follow the reading schedule below:


It can also be found at:


Will you consider reading the Bible along with me?

Will you consider sharing this blog with friends that might be graced or improved through this endeavor?

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