Humble Attitudes

Solomon spoke on the importance of not being arrogant and proud, but taking heed to oneself lest one fall.

Jesus Christ spoke to the Pharisees about the importance of taking care of the beam in one’s own eye before overly worrying about the splinter in the eyes of one’s neighbor.

The apostle Paul admonished the elders in Galatia to restore their brothers gently. As they rescued and restored the perishing, they were to always keep in mind the very real possibility of their falling deeply into sin.

And Thomas a’ Kempis, a medieval mystic, wrote to his students, “Should you see another person openly doing evil, or carrying out a wicked purpose, do not on that account consider yourself better than him, for you cannot tell how long you will remain in a state of grace. We are all frail; consider none more frail than yourself.”

Friends, last week I was ministered to by a Christian brother who had fallen hard but had been rescued by Christ and his church. He was a minister in the Presbyterian Church of America but was ultimately defrocked as his earthly ecclesiastical credentials were removed. Hedonistic bondage wrecked his reputation, career, and family. The consequences of his sin and the discipline of the Lord was horrific, but Christ won the day.

However, as he stands today, he may be the best man in our presbytery to minister the gospel to hurting souls.

He understands the burden of sin.

He understands the full and free pardon of Christ.

He understands the restorative power of the Holy Spirit.

And he is humble.

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