Worship Jesus and Live!

Ezekiel receives a word from the Lord. He is to take a sword and shave his head. [That can’t be comfortable] Then he is to take a third of his shaved hair and ceremonially burn it before the people. Another third he is to throw in the wind. Then, it appears he is to take the final third and walk about the city beating it with his sword. Thus, through words and dramatic action, he is to proclaim the wrath and judgment of God upon the hard-hearted and rebellious Israelites.

As part of his sermon, Ezekiel is to proclaim to the people, “Your incense altars shall be broken, and I will cast down your slain before your idols. And I will lay the dead bodies of the people of Israel before their idols, and I will scatter your bones around your altars.” (Ezekiel 6:4-5)

God is furious with the Israelites who remain engaged in idolatry, and he makes them a promise. Their various idols will be smashed, shattered, or broken, and all around these desecrated idols will be found the bodies of worshipers who once sought satisfaction and security from their false gods.

Therefore, upon pondering this verse, we should ask ourselves the following question:

What are the false gods in our lives that encourage divine jealously and end in human judgment?

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction and security from false teachers as did Adam and Eve. They had received the inerrant wisdom of God regarding their manner of living and eating in the Garden of Eden, but instead they trusted the “heavenly counsel” of Lucifer. They bought into his philosophy. They joined his cult. They were sure his teaching was going to add joy to their life, but they were wrong. In the end, after their honoring of Lucifer, they were found spiritually dead. Such will be the condition of all who forsake the Word of God, or add to the Word of God, in their religious pursuits. (ie. cults)  Do not trust in religion, for that which is not from God will bring wrath and destruction instead of life and peace.

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction and security from food as did Esau. He was convinced that the next bowl of stew would give him the joy for which he longed. But in the end, while having a filled stomach, he was left with an empty place in his soul. In similar manner, food calls out to us. It promises us satisfaction and comfort, but those who worship it find themselves obese, enslaved, and depressed. Food is a delightful gift from the Lord, but those who do not eat to the glory of God find themselves disciplined before the Holy Judge.

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction from a human relationship. Samson had to have Delilah. David needed Bathsheba. And Solomon needed several hundred companions. Marriage is a gift from God, and a spouse is a delightful blessing from the Lord. But those who trust in men or women will soon find themselves heartbroken. Sooner or later, something will come and shake up their perfect world. It could be an affair, a disease, death, or a slowly hardening heart, but that individual who played the part of a Messiah will soon be found wanting. Many are they who put their trust in a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Those who do find themselves desperately seeking a new savior. 

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction from hedonism as did the the promiscuous in Sodom, the fool in Proverbs and the prodigal son in the Gospels. These individuals needed the continual big high, and so they pursued endless partying, endless drinking, and endless sex. But in the end, they were left like burning ash in the fire pit, an ox ready to be slaughtered, or a pig mulling about in a muddy pit. Scripture tells us that sin is fun for a season, then it kills. Let us look about us and see those who are living in a lighter hell, and walking towards a greater hell, because they are consumed by drugs, alcohol, media addiction, and sexual depravity. 

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction from materialism as did Lot and Achan. Lot moved closer to sin to accumulate wealth, and Achan kept to himself that which was devoted to God. Both men were sure their actions would provide themselves and their families more satisfaction and security. But their actions lead to the undoing of their families. So today, many who would not think of having sex outside of marriage, or partaking of an illegal substance, find themselves captivated by money and possessions. They are sure they will be happy if the get a bit more. They are sure they will have joy if they can keep what they have. They find it unnecessary to be good stewards of the Lord’s possessions. However, those who trust in treasure are fools. One cannot worship God and money; He will not allow it.

Perhaps we are seeking satisfaction from the applause of men as did Judas, Ananias, Sapphira, and the Pharisees. These religious individuals needed the approval of man more than God, and in the end it caused them to forsake Christ and lie to the Holy Spirit. Miserable is the man who must look over his shoulder to see who is watching. Unsatisfied is the woman who constantly looks about to see how she measures up to her desperate neighbors.

In addition, we could speak of those who pursue satisfaction and security from children, health, beauty, intellectual accomplishment, athletic greatness, artistic fame, financial power, or stellar post-death legacy. This list could go on and on. However, the point has been adequately made:

There are many false gods that promise satisfaction and security. In the end, all who worship at their altars will experience divine jealously and judgment.

Therefore, stop the insanity! Look backwards in the Scripture. Look backward in history. Look backwards in your own life. Now, look around you in culture. False gods are proven to be empty and vain, and those who worship them are found devastated and dead. However, those who worship Jesus Christ, they find abundant and eternal life. They find security. They find satisfaction. They are rescued from spiritual depression, temporal devastation, and eternal death. And then, according to God’s kindness, they are enabled to enjoy religion, food, drink, relationships, sex, children, possessions, money, health, beauty, knowledge, sports, applause and fame. 

Friends, the choice is simple. Worship idols and die. Worship Jesus and live! 

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