Keven Ward, Robin Williams, Who is Next?

Kevin Ward was an angry and troubled man. On Saturday night, he was infuriated over the driving maneuvers of Tony Stewart which sent him into the wall. Filled with rage he ran out on to the track to express himself. Ultimately, his temper and troubled condition resulted in his death.

Robin Williams was a vulgar, addicted, and troubled man. While he certainly was a hilarious comedian and gifted actor, and while there were many films and TV shows that were family friendly, one only has to look at his stand-up comedy routines to see his filthy vulgarity. On Monday, his lack of peace, and troubled condition resulted in his death.

Friends, Lucifer is heinous and sin is brutal. God has created all things good, and Satan has done his best to ruin it all. Lucifer troubled Adam, Eve, Cain and Able in the beginning, and he has remained relentless in assault. From the persecuted Turks in Iraq; to the diseased souls in West Africa; to the innocently slain in Israel and Palestine; to the wealthy and famous in the United States; the Satan’s end is to internally trouble individuals, externally trouble individuals, end their lives, and keep them eternally separated from the Heavenly Father. 

So it is Tuesday, and I wonder, “Who is next? Who is going down today? Who around me is troubled, and the number of their days are coming to an end?” Will someone at your pool, at your school, in your office, in your neighborhood, at your gym, or around your church be troubled and terminated?

Friends, Jesus Christ died for men and women who are angry, vulgar, addicted, and deeply troubled. As seen in Scripture, he offers immediate and undeserved grace to all who call upon his name. Prostitutes, addicts, liars, demon-possessed maniacs, thieves, and murderers are all going to be found in heaven. They do not deserve to be there, but Jesus paid the sin-debt they owed. The Savior even died for pompous, self-righteous preachers. Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord can be saved, And not only does Christ grant eternal peace, he begins the process of granting internal peace.

So, I do not know the religious condition of Kevin Ward. I cannot talk to Robin Williams about his relationship with Jesus Christ. I do not know if these men took advantage of the free credentials that allows sinners to enter the pearly gates. Oh, how I hope to see these men in glory.

But I can still use my laptop to assist you — my neighbors in Greenville County and over the internet.  Due to the work of Jesus Christ and the promises of Scripture, I offer you real hope. Flee from Satan and run to Jesus. Be not internally distraught; Jesus offers you daily assistance in your battle with depression, anxiety, and mental trouble. The Holy Spirit helps the angry become meek and gentle. Those addicted to various substances can find freedom and self-control through the sanctifying work of God. Do not sacrifice your life in a rage. Do not end your life in hopeless anguish. Find a minister; find a Christian counselor; talk with a stable follower of Jesus Christ; find the Savior and find rest for your weary soul.

And a final word for those of us who have found communion with Christ. Let us look around us for the next casualty of Satan and sin. Many are living “fast and furious” and their insides are at war. Many are camouflaging their pain with alcohol, drugs, and humor. While being the funniest man in the room, they are the most miserable. Friends, don’t let Satan and sin run them over and snuff them out. Let us be compassionately evangelistic and seek to rescue the perishing.

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