A Portrait of a Godly Mother

Elijah was a stellar man of God. He amazed the kings and the sons of the prophets, and he was mightily used by the Lord. One should not underestimate the importance of this minister, for at the Transfiguration of Jesus, only Moses and Elijah were invited to attend.

Elisha was also a fantastic servant of the Lord. He longed for and received a double-portion of the Holy Spirit. He too was exemplary in his zeal for the word and will of God.

Then, in 2 Kings 4-5, several notable women are presented. In 2 Kings 4:1-7 the focus is upon the poor widow and her starving son. At the beginning of chapter five, one is treated to the great story of Naaman’s servant girl. However, between these two accounts, in 2 Kings 4:8-37, one finds the historical account of the Shunammite woman who labors for the health of her son. She is indeed an exemplary heroine:

  • She is the one who hungers for God; she wants, for herself and her family, as much time as possible with the prophet of God. (4:8-9)
  • She is the one who believes in God; her faith is seen as she lays her child on Elisha’s bed and does not start the funeral proceedings. (4:21)
  • She is the one who works with God; she petitions her husband to allow her to go and petition the prophet; and so she rides off in his direction. (4;22-25)
  • She is the one who secures the blessing of God; through God’s grace and her efforts, her son is healed. (4:32-37)

The Shunammite woman is a fantastic example of a lady who is an instrument of grace for her family. Her hunger for God leads to the improvement of her husband, son, servant, and village.

Have you such a woman in your household? Set her free to serve you and God well.

Have you such women in your church? Let them run and bring glory to God.

Are you such a woman? If so, continue hungering for God and helping your family. If not, start hungering for God so you can help your family as you were intended by your Creator.

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