The Sophmoric Solomon

Solomon was finally finished. He had received an unbelievable share of wisdom. He had followed the will of the Lord. He had completed the vision of his father, David. He had constructed the Temple and adjacent buildings, and had furnished them in grand style. By the end of 1 Kings 7, Solomon could hit the bed knowing he had been a success in the eyes of his neighbors.

However, in addition to building the Lord’s house and his own house, he also built a house for his pagan, idol-worshiping wife from Egypt. (1 Kings 7:8) How could a man so gifted with wisdom add an unequally yoked wife to his collection? How could an intellectual like Solomon follow in the unwise footsteps of his father? What was he thinking? Those who know the story of Solomon, see here the beginnings of his folly. Perhaps it was fear that led him to make an alliance with Egypt. Perhaps it was lust that caused him to add this Egyptian female to his family. Perhaps it was pride, because she made a great trophy wife. However, whatever the reason, Solomon’s polygamy was not wise, and soon he became an addict. Ultimately, his many wives led the king and his people down the wrong road. God’s people soon betrayed The Lord and engaged in the worship of Baal. Surely, on a better day, a spiritually revived Solomon must have sorrowfully asked himself the question, “What was I thinking?”

Friends, the wisest of men can make unbelievably stupid decisions. Just look at Solomon.

Additionally, people who accomplish great things for God can find themselves backslidden and in the midst of Satan’s harem. Just look at Solomon.

We must not rest upon yesterdays successes. Temptations and dangers await us today. Today we must make great decisions and use the wisdom of the Lord. Today we must purge our lives of sin and allow no compromises. For if we are not careful, we will find ourselves being wise fools (sophmore) and religious idiots like Solomon. If we are not diligent, we too will find ourselves asking, “What in the world was I thinking?”

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