Driven to be in the Father’s House

Joseph and Mary were diligent in their private, family, vocational, and corporate worship. Individually they communed with God. Together they sang to the Lord. When told to go to Egypt and return to Israel, they obeyed. As a family, they diligently strove to keep God’s ordinances regarding his public worship. From Luke’s record, this family … More Driven to be in the Father’s House

Far, Near, and One

Before our divine appointment with the Holy Spirit, we were dead in our trespasses and sins. Horribly, we walked according to the game-plan of this world and followed the leadership of the Prince of Darkness. Consequently, we were sons of disobedience who naturally and habitually followed the fluctuating whims of our fleshly lusts. Therefore, because of our exceeding … More Far, Near, and One

Who’s Leading Whom? A Tale of the Worst Priest Ever

Ahaz was one of the most wicked leaders in the history of Judah. So wicked was this king that he sacrificed his own son in the fires of Moloch. In the name of Baal, another false idol, Ahaz desecrated and dedicated a portion of the Lord’s land. This garbage dump was originally called the Valley of Hennon but … More Who’s Leading Whom? A Tale of the Worst Priest Ever