Rome Got This One Right … Somewhat

Yesterday, Pope Francis issued forth a new “apostolic letter” or papal declaration. He declared that, at least until the end of his tenure, Roman Catholic priests could offer forgiveness to mothers and medical practitioners who had committed the sin of abortion. Previously, only Roman Catholic bishops or special confessors could grant absolution for such mortal sin, but now local … More Rome Got This One Right … Somewhat

Taking a Minute before you Judge and Condemn

Church discipline can be a beautiful part of the church of Jesus Christ. Weekly, children of God are discipled as they are taught from the sacred scriptures. As iron sharpens iron, brothers and sisters seek to be true friends improving one another through providing counsel, instruction, encouragement, and tender rebuke. Christian parents work side by side as they assist … More Taking a Minute before you Judge and Condemn

Avoid Such People

Jesus did not avoid sick and ruined sinners. Instead, he displayed “incarnational ministry.” He descended from heaven, dwelt among men, traveled from place to face, and befriended tax collectors, drunkards, and prostitutes. While other “holy men” kept their distance, Jesus was a friend of sinners who avoided not the wicked person who desired a Savior. Contrarily, Jesus did avoid the sincerely … More Avoid Such People