Stability in a Topsy Turvy World

All around us, there are individuals who seem to have it together. However, the key word in the previous sentence is seem. If we could secretly spy on them, like the audience of “The Truman Show” we would see their dysfunctional lives. We would see their world is not so picturesque or idyllic as we initially thought. In addition, if we could interview their … More Stability in a Topsy Turvy World

Evaluating the Elder

In the Old Testament, God used the terms prophet, priest, elder, judge, and father somewhat interchangeably. While God was Israel’s Chief Shepherd, he consistently provided sinful and redeemed under-shepherds to lead, protect, correct, and nourish his people. In the New Testament, God used different labels: elder, pastor, shepherd, teacher, priest, presbyter, and bishop were all used interchangeably. Again, there was … More Evaluating the Elder

Can an Elder be a Younger? (Principles of Preaching for Young and Old Alike)

Job is being sorely troubled, and his dear friends are gathered about seeking to give him wise counsel. With compassion, they empathize as they sit together with him in the dust for days. They listen well; Job is given numerous opportunities to express his predicament and theology. They counsel much; these three friends are not shy to cry, comfort, correct, … More Can an Elder be a Younger? (Principles of Preaching for Young and Old Alike)