Jeremiah’s Big Idea – Repent & Enjoy God

The northern nation of Israel had entirely forsaken their Heavenly King. They foolishly discarded God, and he allowed them to experience only a small portion of the curse they justly deserved. Yes, their land was attacked, taxed, pillaged, devastated, and desecrated. Yes, their fathers were killed and their mothers abused. Yes, the best of their … More Jeremiah’s Big Idea – Repent & Enjoy God

Informed Churches — Repenting More Today than Yesterday

Church repentance, leading to revitalization, is to be the perpetual posture and practice of Christ’s church. Therefore, as wise and humble churches mature in their understanding of God’s good Law, their not-so-good performance, and Christ’s uber-good Gospel, they will find themsleves engaged in joyful repentance more today than ever before. Consider what we learn from … More Informed Churches — Repenting More Today than Yesterday

The Contemporary Traditionalist

In the church, much is made over the words “contemporary” and “traditional.” Those who are considered “traditional” are often characterized by pews, organs, robes, suits, choirs, pulpits, hymns, liturgy, and reservedness in worship. In contrast, those who are considered “contemporary” are quite often recognized by their jeans, bands, lights, backdrops, video augmentations, and doxological exuberance. Traditional worship is often antique and … More The Contemporary Traditionalist