Meditating on Romans 8

How about some good news today! Allow me to help you pray. Friends, for us who have confessed our sins and professed our submission to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, there is no damnation coming for us. We, who were once under the Covenant of Works, practiced sin and earned death. However, due to the Covenant of Grace, … More Meditating on Romans 8

Won’t You Admit It So You Can Enjoy It?

The doctrine of predestination is one that troubles many a soul. To a segment of Christendom, predestination is a misrepresentation of God and Scripture. To them, one ought not present a Deity who sovereignly selects, before the beginning of time, to deliver justice to some and mercy to others. Therefore, many in anti-predestinarian camps disagree with the … More Won’t You Admit It So You Can Enjoy It?