Manipulative Ministers

In recent days, Jesus has shown his compassion, power, and glory. Lazarus has been healed of his disease and publicly raised from the grave. As a result, Mary and Martha have been healed of their doubt and unbelief; their faith has been improved. Meanwhile, the disciples who have been watching, they have grown in their amazement of the Son of God who brings men from death to … More Manipulative Ministers

A Tale of Two Houses

In Matthew 26, two houses are presented. The first house is extravagantly beautiful, but there is nothing within but satanically driven self-worship. Christ is not present. In the second house, there is a mixture of true and false worship, but it is the house in which Christ is present and honored. It is not extravagantly … More A Tale of Two Houses

Who’s Leading Whom? A Tale of the Worst Priest Ever

Ahaz was one of the most wicked leaders in the history of Judah. So wicked was this king that he sacrificed his own son in the fires of Moloch. In the name of Baal, another false idol, Ahaz desecrated and dedicated a portion of the Lord’s land. This garbage dump was originally called the Valley of Hennon but … More Who’s Leading Whom? A Tale of the Worst Priest Ever