Learn Your Place!

When my daughter was in high school, she overheard a fellow female student engaging in a heated discussion with a new girl who had recently arrived on campus. Evidently, this new student had crossed some unseen social line of demarcation. Perhaps, she had sat at the wrong lunch table, worn the same dress, or flirted … More Learn Your Place!

Anxious for Nothing

In my own life, I am very interested in certain organisms, organizations, or institutions. First and foremost, there is the Franks family. I long to be faithful in loving and discipling my wife. In addition, I am somewhat passionate about passing the baton of Christ from my grandparents and parents to my children and grandchildren. … More Anxious for Nothing

Sacred Balance

Many are they who are lazy. They are sluggards, and they are sinful. They could read in the book of Genesis how God created the perfect man to work as His image-bearer. They could then continue through the sacred text and read the will of God presented in the Fourth Commandment — a man ought to glorify and enjoy God … More Sacred Balance